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Badminton Round Up

Mon, 19 Jan 2015

Results for week ending 16th January 2015.


Mixed Leagues


League 2


Citywing Vikings B 16 Microgaming Marown B 2


A result that sees Vikings consolidate second in the league, whilst keeping Marown deep in relegation trouble.  Vikings started brightly with comfortable wins at second mens and second womens, before Marown picked up their first point when Alex Townell and Mark Falconer of Vikings beat Darren Richards and Adam Pyatt-Coppell of Marown in a close fought match 13/21 22/20 21/18.  Another comfortable win at first womens saw Vikings lead 8-1 at the end of the level doubles ties. The mixed doubles ties again all went the way of Vikings, with Marown picking up their additional point when Falconer and super-sub Sam Spellman of Vikings beat Matthew Colley and Abby Turton of Marown 21/12 20/22 21/17 in another close match.  This result gave Vikings their biggest win of the season.  MF

League 3


CuPlas Callow St Ninians B 16 Designer Glass Castletown/Abbey B 0


League 4


Microgaming Marown C 6 Citywing Vikings C 13


Men’s Leagues


League 1


Microgaming Marown A 205 Citywing Vikings A 220


PWC Castletown/Abbey A 162 CuPlas Callow St Ninians A 252


League 7


Magee & Co Castletown/Abbey D 219 Tynwald Celts C 224





Women’s Leagues


League 1


Citywing Vikings A 163 CuPlas Callow St Ninians A 240


The first two games saw very close results with Vikings Yvonne Irvine and Emma Nicholson beating Sue Domingo and Sarah Corlett 21/20 and St Ninians Nicola Wilkinson and Karen Wade beating Sam Murphy and Charlotte Dougherty by a similar score.  The second games were reversed with Domingo and Corlett winning 21/10 and Murphy and Dougherty 21/13.  Domingo and Wade had a comfortable win 21/3 21/8 with the next game being split Wilkinson and Corlett took the first 21/17 with Vikings Murphy and Nicholson taking the second 21/8.  St Ninians won the remaining games to take a 230-163 victory. SN


League 2


Cannell Print/idesign Rushen A 201 Doehle Corporate Selborne A 231


League 3


Celton Fencibles B 190 Doehle Corporate Selborne B 236

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