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Archery Round-Up

Thu, 26 Mar 2015

The IoM Archery Club shot at two different locations at the weekend. The main body of the club met at Onchan to shoot a Portsmouth round as part of the Club’s Handicap League, while Sarah Rigby and the George sisters convened at Greeba to hold a shoot off for places on the Island Games team.

At Onchan Junior archer Toby Young had the best of it, adding 26 points to his personal best for the round and taking the overall win after handicapping. Fellow Junior Joseph Reaney was a little off form but his handicap score put him second place. Of the other Juniors in evidence, Josh Trafford was disappointed with his round and Charlotte Harris was still coming to terms with a new bow and longer arrows. Jacob Brookes shot for the third time and can now be given a handicap for future rounds.

Two guest archers in the shape of Thomas Bott and Kirsty Falcus joined IoM on Sunday but their scores could not be counted as the Records Officer was not aware of their individual handicaps.

Meanwhile, outdoors at Greeba, Sarah Rigby and Aalin and Kirsten George were in a shoot off to decide the places for the Island Games in Jersey. All three had reached the level required last season but only two places were available. Kirsten lead in the early stages but was gradually overhauled by her older sister Aalin. Both Kirsten and Sarah suffered an uncharacteristic miss but it was Sarah who found herself relegated to third place.

Joining them at the field to provide a mixture of support, muscle and sarcasm were Dave and Rhys Moore. The Moores took the opportunity to shoot a WA1440. Rhys is scheduled to go up against Danny Cowin in another shoot off for an Island Games place next weekend. Danny also turned up at the field but did not return a score for the morning shoot.

Results: Onchan Portsmouth Handicap – 1. Toby Young 1488 (60/480/10)pb, 2. Joseph Reaney 1459 (60/417/5), 3. Barbara Harris 1434 (60/551/27), 4. Karen Lott 1433 (60/562/31), 5. Charlotte Harris 1431 ( 60/539/18), =5. Colin Moore 1431 (60/560/21), 7. Joy Gough 1422 (59/549/19), 8. Josh Trafford 1418 (60/526/15).

Also shooting Gents Recurve -Thomas Bott 60/493/7. Ladies Recurve – Kirsty Falcus 60/542/19. Junior Gents Recurve – Jacob Brookes 44/207/0.

Greeba WA 1440 IG Shoot off – 1. Aalin George 144/1365/81/34, 2. Kirsten George 143/1351/71/25, 3. Sarah Rigby 143 1320/65/25.

WA1440 -Gents Compound – Dave Moore 143/1269/50/14. Gents Recurve – Rhys Moore 133/852/7/1. 

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