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Archery Round-Up

Thu, 27 Aug 2015

A very small group of archers met at Greeba on Sunday to shoot a National Round as part of the Club’s Handicap League. National rounds are shot over yards rather than metres and utilize five zone scoring (9,7,5,3,1), rather than the ten zone scoring of the metric rounds. The conditions were hot and humid with a tail wind that was lifting the arrows. Rain was predicted for the late afternoon but the round was completed before the first drops had a chance to fall.

Colin Moore shot a New National (4 dozen arrows at 100yds and 2 dozen at 80yds) and added a pleasing 46 points to his personal best for the round. After the handicap was applied his overall total was good enough for second place.

Rhys Moore shot a York round, that is 6 dozen arrows at 100yds, 4 dozen at 80yds and 2 dozen at 60yds. Rhys has been in fine form this season after switching to a Compound Bow and Sunday saw him add 62 points to his pb for the York.

Joy Gough and Barbara Harris both shot a Hereford round, which consists of the same number and split of arrows as the York but is shot over distances of 80, 60 and 50yds. Both women struggled to find consistency and neither of them was pleased with their performance.

In the afternoon the adults were joined by junior archers Toby Young and James Hill who shot a Junior National round (4 dozen arrows at 40yds and 2 dozen at 30yds). James had never shot the round before and did not even have a sight mark for the first distance. It took him a little while to find his range but overall he shot well. Toby who had shot the round before settled quickly and added a terrific 97 points to his personal best score.

Charlotte Harris spent the day training for the Commonwealth Youth Games on a 60m target.

Results National Handicap:- 1. Rhys Moore 1448 (144/1222/111)pb, 2. Colin Moore 1443 (71/550/35)pb, 3. Barbara Harris 1421 (143/953/41), 4. Toby Young 1417 (71/429/16)pb, 5. Joy Gough 1391 (143/1136/78), 6. James Hill 1355 (67/355/6)pb.

Could all Outdoor Trophies be returned no later than the first week of September please. They are needed ahead of the prize giving in October.  

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