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IoM Archery Report

Mon, 14 Sep 2015

There was a good turnout on Sunday for the Annual Windsor Trophy shoot. The Windsor Trophy is a National round which comprises 3 dozen arrows shot at each of three distances – 60, 50 and 40 yards. The competition is split by bow type only. The Junior archers had a separate competition which comprised the same arrow split but shot over distances of 40, 30 and 20 yards. Scoring is done by zones (9,7,5,3,1) with a maximum score of 972.

Whilst the rest of the island seemed to be bathed in sunshine, Greeba was cold and windy and the competitors experienced several rain showers. In spite of the conditions standards were high - two club records were broken and seven archers set new personal best scores for the round.

Dave Moore, Rhys Moore, Billy Lightfoot and Colin Moore squared off in the Compound division. Rhys who only switched to Compound this season was determined to add another trophy to his already impressive haul. He dominated from the outset, putting only three arrows outside the gold and falling just 6 points short of a perfect score. Rhys’ score of 966 was not only a personal best for him but was also a New Club Record, breaking the old one by 10 points. Dave Moore managed to overcome back spasms to take second place, while Colin Moore shot consistently to take third.

The Recurve line up consisted of Danny Cowin, Barbara Harris, Josh Trafford and Dave Berry. Dave was returning to archery after a long absence due to knee and wrist problems and it was great to see him back in action. Danny Cowin had a ten point lead after the first distance but was overtaken by Josh Trafford after the first dozen arrows of the second distance. Josh motored on from that point and was never in any danger of being caught. He added a colossal 132 points to his personal best for the round and set a New Club Record for u18 Gents. The fight was then on for second place between Danny Cowin and Barbara Harris. With two misses at 50 yards it looked as if Barbara had thrown it away and Danny went into the final round with an 18 point lead over her. However Harris found some form over the last distance and levelled the scores. With both Cowin and Harris on the same score of 800 the number of golds had to be taken into account. Danny Cowin had 43 golds – Barbara Harris 44 and so she was awarded second place.

The Junior Windsor Trophy saw a three way tie between James Hill, Joseph Reaney and Toby Young. James started badly with a handful of misses at the first distance and found himself in third place. Toby likewise had a slow start and was only 6 points ahead of James. Joseph hit the ground running and opened up a 60 point lead. Both Joseph and Toby struggled as the weather conditions worsened and James out shot both of them at 30 yards. He leapfrogged Toby but was still 57 points behind Joseph going into the final three dozen. Toby did well over his favourite distance and added 23 points to his personal best score for the round. James came back strongly over the final distance but he had left himself too much to do and Joseph, shooting the Windsor Trophy for the first time, took the win.  

Results Windsor Trophy – Compound: 1.R.Moore 108/966/105pb/NCR, 2.D.Moore 108/936/95, 3.C.Moore 108/918/82, 4.B.Lightfoot 108/912/80pb. Recurve: 1.J.Trafford 108/846/61pb/NCR, 2.B.Harris 106/800/44pb, 3.D.Cowin 108/800/43, 4.D.Berry 104/662/21. Junior Windsor Recurve 1.J.Reaney 106/680/26pb, 2.J.Hill 103/651/26, 3.T.Young 104/622/23pb.

Also shooting – Short Windsor D.Hill 105/687/37pb. 

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