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Badminton Round-Up

Mon, 19 Oct 2015

Mixed Leagues 


League 1


Microgaming Marown A 7 Citywing Vikings A 13



The first two matches at second mens and second womens saw a win each for Marown and Vikings courtesy of Adam Pyatt-Coppell and Campbell Guy 21/17 21/15 and Georgia Foxton and Kristina Buck 21/8 21/19.  The next two matches followed the same pattern with Marown's Adam Colley and Jason Chatwood winning 21/14 20/22 21/13 at first mens and Vikings Emma Nicholson and Charlotte Dougherty winning 22/20 15/21 21/15 at first womens leaving the score 5-5 after the level doubles.  After winning both mens, it looked like Marown might have the edge in the mixed but Vikings had other ideas and took all four mixed with wins for Steve Allen and Foxton 21/13 19/21 21/16, Sam Mills and Buck 21/16 21/13, Steve Quayle and Dougherty 21/12 21/9 and Matthew Nicholson and Emma Nicholson 17/21 21/17 21/17 to give Vikings a 13-7 win.  Kristina Buck and Georgia Foxton had excellent 1st team debuts for Vikings after last season playing for Vikings B and C teams respectively. SN




PWC Castletown/Abbey A 8  Fencibles A 10



There were few surprises in the level doubles as Fencibles’ womens pairs and  Castletown Abbey’s men’s pairs recorded dominant wins. However the mixed doubles were all much more even, with the away team earning a narrow overall victory.  Fencibles’ Phil Li and Kim Moore beat Lauraine Williamson and Pim Charoenchai 21/13 21/14 at second womens. At second mens the home side’s Damian Peter and Graham Coffey also ensured a straightforward 21/9 21/14 win over Chris Bulley and Mark Quayle. First womens and mens were won by Senior Island squad members with Jess Li and Alex Bell of Fencibles beating Lou Mellor and Karen Hassan 21/10 21/14 and  Castletown Abbey’s Baillie and Fingal Watterson  beating Ian Hemensley and Juan Corrin 21/14 21/13. This left the overall score after the level doubles tied at 4 – 4. Fencibles won fourth mixed, with Quayle and Moore beating Coffey and Charoenchai 21/15 21/13. However  Castletown Abbey drew level again as Peter and Hassan clinched third mixed against Bulley and Phil Li 22/20 21/18. At second mixed Corrin and Bell claimed the first game 21/16, but Fingal Watterson and Williamson fought back to win the next game 26/24 and forced a third game. Simultaneously at first mixed, two close games were shared with Hemensley and Jess Li edging the first 23/21 and Baillie Watterson and Mellor snatching the second 22/20, leaving the overall score 8-8. Fencibles secured victory by winning both of the deciding games, 21/17 for second mixed and 21/18 for first, rounding off a close first match of the season. BW


League 2


Citywing Vikings B 7 Doehle Corporate Selborne A 12



Well contested match with Vikings just ahead after the mens and womens matches. The  Selborne men were too strong and won overall 4-1 with Mark Falconer and newcomer to the side Alex Buck winning their only game. Vikings women won 4-0 but there were some close games. The Selborne team's mixed pairings were too strong and won all matches. Match of the night saw Roy Wilson and Suzie Stewart eventually overcome Csilla and Alex Buck at third mixed 22/20 in the deciding game. CB



Cannell Print Rushen A 12 CuPlas Callow St Ninians B 6


Both teams had reserves in their first match of the mixed season.  At second mens Rushen's Adrian Edwards and Richard Kerr won in two games.  At second womens Karen Wade and Isla Crooks comfortably won the first game 21/9 for St Ninians against Sarah Goldie and Janet Corkish.  They also won the second game but a much closer   

score at 22/20.  Neil Ronan and Andy Bowers won in two games at first mens for Rushen.  Sarah Corlett and Julie Thomas then did likewise at first womens for St Ninians. After the level doubles it was even at 4-4.  The mixed were all much closer.  At fourth mixed Rushen's Edwards and Corkish beat Colm Andrew and Wade 16/21 21/15 21/14.  Third mixed also went to the third game and again it was a victory for Rushen when Kerr and Goldie won 21/14 19/21 21/16 against Calvin Smith and Crooks. At second mixed brother and sister Neil and Kirree Ronan won a close first game for Rushen 23/21 and the second 21/12 against Alex Hewlett and Corlett.  At first mixed it was another win for Rushen in two close games 22/20 21/18 for Bowers and Carole Ennett against Simon Fletcher and Thomas.


League 3


Sulby Glen Sulby 8 Fencibles B 11


A good contest to start the season with many close games reflected in the final score. It was all even after third mixed so the last two matches were always going to be hard fought, but Fencibles came through winning them both to clinch the night. At second mixed Fencibles Chris Bulley and Chloe Teare beat Andrew Simpson and Emma Christie 21/11 17/21 21/18. At first mixed Fencibles Ben Moore and Jodie Green beat Simon Clarke and Jenny Mo  21/12 21/17.  PLS.


Tynwald Celts A 10 Doehle Corporate Selborne B 7


Men’s Leagues


League 3 


Doehle Corporate Selborne B 249 CuPlas Callow St Ninians B 158


League 4


Hotchkiss Associates Michael A 223 Tynwald Celts A 230


League 5


Citywing Vikings C 188 Fencibles C 245



There were some close games and some not so close. The opening match saw Vikings pair Matthew Bruce and Roy McLean lose to Ben Swindlehurst and Tobey Cheng 12/21 and 13/21. Jamie Joughin and Josh Mills (who was the stand out player for Vikings who played well in all his matches after being called up from the Viking’s D Team) had a close first game against Ben Clague and Benjy Li losing out 20/21 followed by 16/21. Very close games then followed for Bruce and Mills losing 20/21 in the first but pinching the second  game 21/19 over Swindlehurst & Li. Cheng  who was definitely the stand out player on the night for Fencibles C as he was the only player on the night to win all his matches,  21/10 21/19 against Joughin and McLean and 21/17 21/9 against McLean and Mills. Final match saw Vikings Joughin and Bruce win the first 21/16 against Clague and Swindlehurst only to lose the second 10/21.JJ



League 6


Magee & Co Castletown/Abbey C 239 Tynwald Celts C 211


Womens Leagues


League 2


Doehle Corporate Selborne A 217 Citywing Vikings C 222


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