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Archery Report

Wed, 04 Nov 2015

The IoM Archery Club met on Sunday to shoot a Portsmouth round as part of the Club’s Handicap League. The Portsmouth is shot on the largest target face over a distance of 20 yards. The scratch scores were then subjected to handicapping to determine the overall results.

In the Gents Compound, Rhys Moore continued his excellent run of form by adding 15 points to his pb and shooting the highest scratch Compound score of the day. After handicapping Rhys had to settle for fourth place. Colin Moore also had a good day by equalling his pb for the round. Dave Moore suffered a bizarre miss just before the interval; his arrowing missing the top of the boss by some three feet and burying itself in the safety curtain.

Josh Trafford recorded the highest scratch Recurve score of the day finishing some 15 points ahead of his nearest rival but it was newcomer John Hill who took the overall win after the handicap had been applied.

James Hill recorded the best scratch score by a Junior Boy but had to settle for fifth place in the final table. It was Junior Girl Tilly Ashton who made the greatest improvement on the day, adding a marvellous 63 points to her pb for the round.

Results Portsmouth Handicap – 1.John Hill 1471 (60/447/3)pb, 2.Jacob Brookes 1456 (57/330/3), 3.Tilly Ashton 1448 (58/388/4)pb, 4.Rhys Moore 1447 (60/572/31)pb, 5.James Hill 1446 (60/452/6), 6.Josh Trafford 1444 (60/552/24), 7.Colin Moore 1438 (60/567/27), =7.Toby Young 1438 (60/430/3), 9.Billy Lightfoot 1436 (60/566/27), 10.Joseph Reaney 1430 (60/406/6), 11.Pete Mumford 1428 (60/563/23), 12.Joy Gough 1426 (60/563/23), 13.Danny Cowin 60/537/22), 14.Dave Moore 1417 (59/549/23), 15.Barbara Harris 1412 (60/529/17), 16.Dave Berry 1404 (60/518/14), 17.Tony Hartley 1398 (60/523/18).

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