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Badminton Round-Up

Wed, 18 Nov 2015

Mixed Leagues


League 1


PWC Castletown/Abbey A 6 Citywing Vikings A 10



Vikings started strongly with comfortable wins at second mens and second womens. Sam Mills and Steve Allen defeated reserves Graham Coffey and Stu Lyon 21/12 21/12, while Vikings Csilla Buck and Georgia Foxton overcame Pim Charoenchai and Georgie Quayle 21/10 21/12. Castletown/Abbey drew level with wins at first mens and first womens. At first mens Vikings Matthew Nicholson and Steve Quayle held the lead for most of the first game, but Baillie Watterson and Fingal Watterson fought back to snatch the game and the match 21/19 21/14. Impressive performances from Lou Mellor and Lauraine Williamson saw them win a tough contest against visitors Emma Nicholson and Charlotte Dougherty 21/12 21/18. At fourth mixed, dominant Mills and Buck raced to victory over Lyon and Georgie Quayle 21/10 21/2 and Vikings extended their lead at third mixed as the experienced pair of Allen and Foxton were too strong for Coffey and Charoenchai, winning 21/16 21/14. The visitors secured the overall victory as Steve Quayle and Dougherty beat the home team's Fingal Watterson and Williamson 21/11 21/16. In the final game of the night Baillie Watterson and Mellor edged Matthew and Emma Nicholson at first mixed 21/16 21/14. BW



Microgaming Marown A 7 CuPlas Callow St Ninians A 11


League 2


Cannell Print Rushen A 9 Hotchkiss Associates Michael A 12


This was a very close match with five of the sets going to a third game with Michael winning three.  At second mens Rushen's Michael Broadbent and Richard Kerr beat Ryan Brew and Michael Brew 21/18 20/22 21/17.  At second womens Michael's Sarah Gardner and Carolyn Brown won in two 21/17 21/12 against Janet Corkish and Sarah Goldie. In a fluctuating match it was Michael's Ben Kneale and David Gardner who came out on top in the third game against Neil Ronan and Andy Bowers 21/10 12/21 21/18 at first mens. First womens could not have been much closer with Vanessa Christian and Leanne Miller winning in two 23/21 24/22 against Carol Ennett and Kirree Ronan.  This gave Michael a comfortable advantage of 7-3 after the level doubles. The mixed started with a win in two for Rushen at fourth when Broadbent and Corkish beat Michael Brew and Brown 21/19 21/16.  Third mixed was a match decided in three close games with Michael's Ryan Brew and Sarah Gardner beating Kerr and Goldie 21/17 16/21 21/18.  Bowers and Ennett then won in three at second mixed for Rushen against David Gardner and Christian. Finally at first mixed Michael's Kneale and Miller won another close contest 18/21 25/23 21/16 against Neil and Kirree Ronan.


League 3


Fencibles B 5 Microgaming Marown B 12


Sulby Glen Sulby 5 Tynwald Celts A 13


An extremely close fought match where a lost of games could have gone either way

but with Tynwald Celts just clinching them to take a secure win.  The pick of the levels was at second mens  with Sulby Glen's Simon Clarke and Stuart Clarke narrowly losing to Tynwald Celts Dave Wilson and Tom Long 19/21 19/21.  In the mixed playing at fourth Sulby Glen's Stuart Clarke and Natalie Bennett played extremely well to take the win over Tynwald Celt's Dave Wilson and Kelly Lewis 21/12 21/17.  Apart from a great night of badminton a lovely supper shared with good company was had by all PLS



League 4


Citywing Vikings C 6 Designer Glass Castletown/Abbey B 12



The mainstay of Vikings were their women who won both their matches in two games. Vikings scraped two more games in fourth and third mixed. The scores were at second

Vikings Roy McLean aand Jon Quilliam lost 10/21 14/21 to Graham Coffey and John Thornley who were much too clever for the Vikings pair. At second womens Vikings Yvonne Falconer and Laura Parkinson won 21/8 21/17 against Hannah Clague and Megan Roberts. First mens saw Vikings Jamie Joughin and Matthew Bruce lose to Stu Lyon and Nick Thornley 16/21 10/21 whilst at first womens Vikings Melissa McKnight and Samantha Spellman won 22/20 21/19 against Lisa Watterson and Georgie Quayle. At fourth mixed Castletown/Abbey's John Thornley and Roberts beat Quilliam and Parkinson 21/18 16/21 21/11.  Third mixed saw Vikings McLean and Falconer lose 12/21 22/20 19/21 to Coffey and Clague.  Castletown/Abbey's Nick Thornley and Quayle beat Bruce and Spellman 21/17 21/8 at second mixed and at  first mixed Vikings  Joughin and McKnight lost 19/21 16/21  to Lyon and Watterson.  RMcL



Dohele Corporate Selborne C 7 Fencibles C 11



Plenty of close games as a talented young Fencibles side finished strongly to win overall. Selborne started brightly, with a win for Sid McKnight and Raymond Gawne 21/16 21/14 against Jake Vance and Joel Avery at second mens, while Fencibles' Hollie Robertson and Leah Masson won narrowly 18/21 21/18 21/19 against Renee Michalogiannis and Jane Casey. A good first mens win for Fencibles' Matthew Gawne and Ben Clague over Adi Oen and Shibu Augustian, was followed by a hard-fought win for Selborne's Sue Richardson and Sue Young 13/21 21/19 21/12 over Roberta Cannell and Sarah Buss. McKnight and Michalogiannis took fourth mixed 21/5 21/18 against Vance and Masson to extend Selborne's lead, however Selborne's Gawne and Casey lost 21/23 19/21 to Avery and Robertson as the tide turned. First mixed was a good contest as Clague and Buss beat Augustian and Richardson 21/19 21/17.  RMcM



League 5



Caley Stores Sulby 2 Tynwald Celts B 16



Despite fielding two experienced reserves, Rheubon Thomas and George Li , Sulby met determined Tynwald Celts opposition but the home team perhaps deserved a few more games had luck gone their way. The closest matches on the night were at first men’s where Thomas and Li  were just squeezed out by Tynwald Celts John Dawson and Mark Cheung 24/22 21/17 and at first mixed where Sulby’s Thomas with Heather Kennett just couldn’t find the same consistency as Tynwald Celt’s Dawson with Kira Birchall and narrowly lost in the third game 21/19 11/21 19/21. Tynwald Celts dominated the scoring in all the other games and Sulby’s only other success was at first womens where Kennett and Katie Strickett managed to win a game from Tynwald Celts  Janine Coleman and  Birchall .  Overall this was an excellent result for the Tynwald Celts ‘B’ team. LS


CuPlas Callow St Ninians C 13 Microgaming Marown C 4



Men's Leagues


League 1


Microgaming Marown A 250 Doehle Corporate Selborne A 169


League 4


Tynwald Celts A 243 Sulby Glen Sulby 190




League 6


Tynwald Celts C 153 Doehle Corporate Selborne C 251


Magee & Co Castletown/Abbey C 214 Fencibles D 237




League 8


Falcons B 252 CuPlas Callow St Ninians D 127


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