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Thu, 17 Dec 2015

Mixed Leagues


League 1


PWC Castletown/Abbey A 6 Microgaming Marown A 11



With both sides missing regular first team players, several less familiar faces were given a run out for their respective first teams. Playing in their first ever league 1 match for Castletown/Abbey, young reserves Sinead Stephens and Clare Townsend put in a respectable performance, but Jessica Lloyd and Janet Sayle were always in control and won second womens comfortably 21/5 21/3. Experience also triumphed over youth at second mens as Chris Gregory and Damian Peter beat Marown's reserves Darragh Garrity and Matthew Colley 21/11 21/8. First mens was the only match of the evening to require a deciding set. After the first two ends were shared 17/21 21/17 Adam Colley and Jason Chatwood were unable to recover after a slow start in the decider and the home side’s Fingal and Baillie Watterson capitalised to take the end 21/13. Marowns Olivia Avery and Kath Kermode emerged victorious at first womens beating Lauraine Williamson and Pim Charoenchai 21/14 21/15 to give Marown a slender 5-4 lead after the level doubles. Castletown/Abbey briefly regained the lead as Gregory and Townsend won fourth mixed against Garriety and Lloyd 21/8 21//9, but this was to be the last home victory of the night. At third mixed, after losing the first end 9/21, Peter and Stephens came close to snatching the second, but Matthew Colley and Sayle kept their composure to take the second 21/19. In a tough, high quality match, Chatwood and Kermode won second mixed 21/17 21/17 against Fingal Watterson and Charoenchai, before Adam Colley and Avery rounded off the overall Marown victory by beating Baillie Watterson  and Williamson 21/16 21/12 at first mixed.  BW



Citywing Vikings A 2 CuPlas Callow St Ninians A 16



St Ninians showed the strength they have in depth with half their team playing in the county match at the weekend they were in a dominant mood.   Vikings were fielding three reserves in the first two games David Buck, Chris Nicholson and Margaret Daughen who all  played well but Matthew Wilkinson and Mike Harrison and Sue Domingo and Asheligh Keown were too strong at second mens and second womens.  Nicola Wilkinson and Kayleigh Callow had a comfortable win at first womens over Vikings Emma Nicholson and Charlotte Dougherty.  First mens saw Matthew Nicholson and Sam Mills combining very well and surprising the established partnership of St Ninians Neil Harding and Jonny Callow by taking the first game 21/16 before Harding and Callow came back to take the next two games 21/13 21/17. Fourth mixed was the other match of the night to go to three withVikings Buck and Daughen taking the first game 21/19 against Harrison and Keown before the St Ninians pair took the second game 21/17.The third game went all the way with Harrison and Keown taking it 22/20.  The remaining mixed were all won in straight games by St Ninians. SN




League 3



Doehle Corporate Selborne B 8 Sulby Glen Sulby 10



Sulby played well after a good Selborne start, and the visitors probably deserved their possibly slightly surprising win (given league position beforehand), although as they took all the really close games guess the match could have gone either way. Some of Selborne's players will learn from the experience and hopefully come back stronger. The team missed Ben Watterson particularly I feel on the night. Second mixed was a good close contest, probably deserved to go to a third game - which would have taken match beyond 9pm though.  Looking like another close league, depending on how Marown and Tynwald Celts get on. RMcM


League 5


Hotchkiss Associates Michael B 7 Tynwald Celts B 14


CuPlas Callow St Ninians C 16 Caley Stores Sulby 0


 Men's Leagues




 League 2



Microgaming Marown B 206 Cannell Print Rushen A 222


League 3


Doehle Corporate Selborne B 227 Citywing Vikings B 225



A proper nail-biter of a match! Very closely and fairly fought, got a bit tense in a good way at the end when obviously could have gone either way. Firstly Selborne's Alan Ferguson and  Neil McMullen shared games 21/19 18/21 with Neil Brew and Mark Falconer, before Ben Watterson and Paul Griffiths lost 13/21 20/21 to Vikings' father and son pairing of David and Alex Buck. Ferguson and Griffiths also shared 17/21 21/15 with Brew and Alex Buck, so when Watterson and McMullen lost their first game 14/21 it was looking like curtains for Selborne. However they pulled themselves together, taking the second game 21/13 against David Buck and Falconer. After McMullen and Griffiths and Falconer and Alex Buck couldn't be separated 19/21 21/19 it all came down to the final two games when Selborne's Ferguson and Watterson beat David Buck and Brew 21/19 21/14, taking the lead in the match for the first time and the win!  RMcM




Women's Leagues



League 4


Fencibles B 235 Microgaming Marown B 204


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