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Badminton Round-Up

Tue, 12 Jan 2016

Mixed Leagues


League 1


Citywing Vikings A 12  Microgaming Marown A 11



This fixture proved to be one of the closest in league 1 this season with every match going to three games apart from first womens which was won comfortably by Marown's Olivia Avery and Kath Kermode  21/15  21/10.  The first two matches on court, second womens and first mens set the tone for the night with wins for Vikings pairings Georgia Foxton and Kristina Buck 21/15  17/21 21/19 and Steve Quayle and Matthew Nicholson 19/21  21/15  21/12.  Vikings also had success at second mens with a win for Sam Mills and Steve Allen 21/15  14/21  21/17 leaving Vikings with a slender 6/5 lead going into the mixed.  The mixed gave each team two wins. For Marown courtesy of Campbell Guy and Janet Sayle 20/22  21/12  21/12 and Adam Colley and Avery 21/18  16/21  21/18 and two for Vikings courtesy of  Allen and  Foxton 11/21  21/5  21/16 and Quayle and Charlotte Dougherty 21/18  19/21 21/12. SN



Fencibles A 11 PWC Castletown/Abbey A 8



League 2

Doehle Corporate Selborne A 11 Hotchkiss Associates Michael A 7


Good win for Selborne over title rivals Michael . Selborne won both mens with Roy Wilson and Alan Ferguson beating brothers Ryan  and  Michael Brew 21/15 21/12, and Stuart Foley and  Alex Lambie 21/12 21/17 over Ben Kneale and  David Gardner. At second womens Selborne's Susie Stewart and Angela Guest did well to gain a point losing 21/18 9/21 18/21 to Sarah Gardner and Carolyn Brown, while Kirk Michael's other strong pair Leanne Miller and Vanessa Christian beat Sarah Davidson and Lisa Lewin  21/17 21/14. Ferguson and Guest won comfortably in two games at fourth mixed before a good contest at third mixed which was won 18/21 21/17 21/17 by Selborne's Wilson and Stewart over Ryan Brew and Gardner saw Selborne 9-5 up. Foley and Davidson played well to take second 21/18 21/12 for Selborne gainst Gardner and Chrisian. However Kirk Michael's Kneale and Miller reduced the deficit with a fine win over Lambie and Lewin 21/17 21/12. RMcM






League 3



Fencibles B 13 Sulby Glen Sulby 7



An excellent match between the bottom two teams. Fencibles had four reserves playing due to exams. Tobey Cheng playing in his first mixed match combined well with Ian Barnes to take second mens in three against Stuart Clarke and Simon Clarke. The Sulby women used their experience to take second womens in three over the juniors of Fencibles. First mens was won by Fencibles in two games and then an excellent first womens went the way of  Fencibles Becky Hands and Jodie Green 17/21 21/16 21/17 over Jenny Mo and Emma Christie. Fourth mixed was won by Cheng and Leah Masson in two games. Then the experience of Fencibles Ian Barnes helped the youngster Hollie Robertson to a good win 9/21 21/18 21/15 over Simon Clarke and Louise Strickett. Second mixed went the way of Sulby. First mixed went to Fencibles with Mark Quayle and Green winning 21/15 21/6 over Ben Bryan and Mo.  RC


League 4


Doehle Corporate Selborne C 12 Citywing Vikings C 7




Good to see Lisa Hennessey making her debut for Selborne and getting lots of court time in a winning team! Firstly losing narrowly with Jane Casey 18/21 21/18 17/21 to Yvonne Falconer and Laura Parkinson, then later winning 21/14 17/21 22/20 with Raymond Gawne against young pair Aaron Dougherty and Parkinson. Gawne  and  Sid McKnight took second mens in two games and Selborne also won first mens with Shibu Augustian and Adi Oen beating Jamie Joughin and Roy McLean 21/10 22/20. At first womens also great to see Joyce Hall back on court with Fe Gawne in a good battle, losing narrowly 20/22 19/21 to Sam Spellman and Melissa McKnight.  Sid McKnight and Casey  for Selborne won third mixed 21/11 21/16 before Oen and Hall took second 22/20 21/16 versus Vikings McLean and Melissa McKnight. Vikings' Joughin aand Spellman played well to limit the damage winning 16/21 21/12 21/16 against Augustian and Fe Gawne. RMcM



League 5


Hotchkiss Associates Michael B 13 Microgaming Marown C



Michael secured a good victory at home against Marown on Wednesday night. At second womens Jess Corlett and Lindsay Hotchkiss continue to play well winning 21/8 21/1.  A tough match at first womens saw Jo Moore and Steph Gardner going to a third game but this time winning 14/21 21/16 21/17. Richard Done had two good matches with Lewis Cassidy at first mens and then with Jo Moore at second mixed.  Michael's team captain Alan Brew won both his games firstly second mens with Jamie Everitt in a good close game 21/18 16/21  21/15 against Simon Sayle and Darragh Garrity. Then with club sponsor Lindsay Hotchkiss convincingly winning third mixed  21/8  21/7.  At third mixed Everitt and Gardner lost to Marown's Sayle and Bronagh Garrity  21/17 17/21 16/21, very close indeed. At first mixed  Michael's Cassidy  and Corlett were beaten 21/13 21/13 by Paul Coppell and Voirrey Minay. A good night had by all, credit to Marown for being a great team with a great bunch of players, Looking forward to playing Marown at  their home venue on Monday!  AB



Caley Stores Sulby 0 Kella Farms Sulby 16


 Men's Leagues


League 3


Designer Glass Castletown/Abbey B 229 Citywing Vikings B 216




 League 5



Tynwald Celts B 252 Citywing Vikings C 105


League 8



idesign Rushen C 252 CuPlas Callow St Ninians D 142



Women's Leagues



League 3


Tynwald Celts A 231 Doehle Corporate Selborne  B 203

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