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Tue, 12 Jan 2016

There was an excellent turn-out on Sunday, with twenty-one archers in action. The round of the day was a Portsmouth, shot as part of the Club’s Scratch League. The Compound archers shot on a triple face target as usual while the Recurve archers used the standard single face.

The Gents Compound division provided a very tight match with just five points separating the first three archers. Rhys Moore led from start to finish but Dave Moore was only ever two points behind him, with Billy Lightfoot a further three points back.

The match was even closer in the Gent Recurve section with Josh Trafford and Danny Cowin battling it out. Josh took the lead after the first dozen arrows only see Danny square things after the second dozen. Josh then took a one point lead after the third dozen. Danny then produced his highest dozen total to overtake Josh and go into the final dozen arrows with a two point lead. Danny shot well, but Josh out shot him to level the scores. With the scores tied the outcome was settled by number of Golds scored – Josh had 28 but Danny had 31 and so took the win. Tony Hartley eased into third place.

Joy Gough and Sarah Rigby faced off in the Ladies Compound division. Joy put in a solid round but was out shot by Sarah who took the win with ease.

Barbara Harris was back in action after missing the whole of December through illness and injury. She celebrated her return by putting in a season’s best score in the Ladies Recurve section. Charlotte Harris was also back in action for the first time this season. Still feeling weak after having her tonsils removed a couple of days before Christmas, Charlotte put in a score some way below her best.

The Junior Gents Recurve had a field of five, James Hill, Joseph Reaney, Toby Young, William Parkes and Jacob Brookes. Jacob was breaking in a new type of finger tab which gave him trouble and saw him come in last place. James Hill had a very good day and took the win easily over Joseph Reaney. Toby Young slotted into third place.

Tilly Ashton shot well as usual, only to record a surprise miss with one of her last few arrows. Tilly finished just short of her personal best score.

Portsmouth Results: Gents Compound – 1. R.Moore 60/575/36, 2. D.Moore 60/573/33, 3. B.Lightfoot 60/570/30, 4. P.Mumford 60/564/24, 5. C.Moore 60/555/17. Gents Recurve – 1. D. Cowin 60/559/31, 2. J.Trafford 60/559/28, 3. T.Hartley 60/538/17, 4. J.Hill 60/490/10, 5. M.Elliott 60/477/12, 6. A. Parkes 60/467/9. Ladies Compound – 1. S.Rigby 60/572/32, 2. J.Gough 60/558/21. Ladies Recure – 1. B.Harris 60/548/21, 2. C.Harris 59/515/15. Junior Gents Recurve – 1. J.Hill 60/469/8, 2. J.Reaney 60/432/9, 3. T.Young 59/402/3, 4. W.Parkes 50/246/0, 5. J.Brookes 52/195/1. Junior Ladies Recurve – T.Ashton 59/458/6. 

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