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Wed, 10 Feb 2016

Mixed Leagues


League 1


PWC Castletown/Abbey A 2 CuPlas Callow St Ninians A 14


League 2


Citywing Vikings B 4 CuPlas Callow St Ninians B 16



League 3




Tynwald Celts A 16 Sulby Glen Sulby 3


two results from previous weeks


Microgaming Marown B 13 Tynwald Celts A 6


Microgaming Marown B 5 Doehle Corporate Selborne B 15



League 4


Doehle Corporate Selborne C 10 Speedy Parking Peel A 6



All square after level doubles, as Selborne took both mens and Peel both womens. Raymond Gawne and Ray McMullen beat Raygie Dolloso and debutant Arnold Ecolango 21/14 21/13, while Lisa Hennessey and Sue Richardson had a good 17/21 18/21 contest with Chantal McLean and Susan Craine. Selborne's Shibu Augustian and Sid McKnight won 21/18 21/9 versus Darren Irving and Bharat Chetri, before Peel's Rachel Golby and Alison Craine took first womens 21/12 21/11 against Fe Gawne and Sue Young.  At fourth mixed McMullen and Hennessey beat Ecolango and Alison Craine in two games, likewise Raymond Gawne and Richardson over Dolloso and McLean at third mixed. Best and closest games saw McKnight and Young lose narrowly 19/21 19/21 to Peel's Chetri and Alison Craine, while Augustian and Fe Gawne took first mixed in two games to seal Selborne's win.  RMcM





League 5


Microgaming Marown C 10 Tynwald Celts B 10



This was a keenly fought match which ebbed and flowed 2-5, 6-6, 6-8 and 8-9, until the final match of the night when  Marown's Voirrey Minay and Paul Coppell got the better of Janine Coleman and John Dawson in 3 games to end the night on a fair result of 10-10 even though Marown won five of the eight matches. With half of the matches going the full distance including three of the four mixed this really was a very enjoyable and very even match. PC


Men's Leagues


League 3


Citywing Vikings B 166 CuPlas Callow St Ninians B 251



St Ninians fielded a strong team, that overwhelmed fellow relegation strugglers Vikings.  The first three ties all went St Ninians way to see them race to 46 point lead at the half-way point.  The match continued in the same vein, with St Ninians increasing their lead.  Vikings however finally managed to pick up a game in the final tie, where St Ninians Kasper Kjedlsen and Simon Fletcher beat Vikings David Buck and Neil Brew 21/14

20/21 to win the match by 85 points. Relegation from this tight division will now come down to the final ties to see whether Vikings or Castletown/Abbey drop out of the league.  MF




Doehle Corporate Selborne B 250 Designer Glass Castletown/Abbey B 176


League 4


Tynwald Celts A  189 Hotchkiss Associates Michael A 243


League 5


Fencibles C 252 Microgaming Marown C 90


League 6


Fencibles D 229 Magee & Co Castletown/Abbey C 216



League 7



Falcons A 252 idesign Rushen B 158




Women's Leagues



League 2


idesign Rushen A 246 Doehle Corporate Selborne A 210


Rushen started well with Carole Ennett and Sarah Goldie winning 21/16 21/14 against

Lisa Lewin and Susie Stewart.  Two very close games then followed with Rushen's Kirree Ronan and Janet Corkish winning 21/18 21/19 against Sarah Davidson and Joyce Hall.  Rushen's Ennett and Corkish won in two games 21/19 21/16 against Lewin and Hall.  Selborne's Davidson and Stewart then won their first game 21/20 against Ronan and Goldie but lost the second 17/21.  Games were also shared when Rushen's Goldie and Corkish won the first game 21/18 but lost the second 16/21 against Stewart and Hall. The 30 point margin and the 3 points were gained by Rushen when Ronan and Ennett won 21/19 21/12 against Davidson and Lewin.     

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