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Tue, 23 Feb 2016

The IoM Archery Club met at Onchan on Sunday to shoot a WA18 round as part of the Club’s Handicap League. The Seniors shot on a triple face target while the Juniors and Bare bow archers shot on a single face. The scratch scores were then adjusted according to handicap to give the overall result. The handicapping system allows all archers to compete against each other irrespective of age, gender or bow type.

Once again Josh Trafford had the highest scratch score in the Gents Recurve division but had to settle for fifth place after the handicap. Rhys Moore likewise continued his domination of the Gents Compound division but ended up in equal fifth place with Josh.

Newcomer Alex Parkes put in a terrific pb for the round and was rewarded with the overall win. Joseph Reaney found some form to finish in second place after the handicap was applied. Lesley Sleight continued to get to grips with her new bow, recording a pb for the round and taking third place overall.

Aaron Pannell-Cottier and Matt Elliot also recorded personal best scores for the round and finished in fourth and eleventh respectively.

Tilly Ashton was breaking in new heavier limbs ahead of the Outdoor season and was looking to get a feel for the bow rather than score chasing.

Results WA18 Handicap – 1. A.Parkes 1543 (45/344/2)pb, 2. J.Reaney 1508 (60/438/5), 3. L.Sleight 1497 (59/470/7)pb, 4. A.Pannell-Cottier 1479 (56/301/2)pb, 5. J.Trafford 1441 (60/552/25), =5. R.Moore 1441 (60/569/30), =5. C. Moore 1441 (60/558/19), =5. J.Brookes 1441 (43/229/2), 9. D.Cowin 1440 (60/521/14), 10. J.Gough  1428 60/543/12), 11. M.Elliott  1427 (58/348/2)pb, 12. P.Mumford 1423 (60/551/13), 13. D.Moore 1421 (60/546/17), 14. T. Hartley 1416 (59/510/13), 15. T. Young 1394 (58/334/0), 16. W.Parkes 1393 (47/227/2), =16. B.Harris 1393 (58/474/9), 18. James Hill 1380 (34/338/1), 19. John Hill 1369 (31/250/5), 20. T.Ashton 1345 (54/312/0.

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