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Wed, 09 Mar 2016

League 1


Fencibles A 10 CuPlas Callow St Ninians A 10




Bemahague saw its best mixed League 1 match on Thursday when Fencibles A entertained St Ninians A. Second mens and womens were shared between the two teams. St Ninians went ahead with a good win by Matthew Wilkinson and Neil Harding at first mens. Jess Li and Alex Bell of Fencibles got the better of Nicola Wilkinson and Kayleigh Callow 21/14 18/21 21/15 at first womens. Fourth mixed went to St Ninians in two games. The final three mixed all went to Fencibles in three games. Ben Moore and Phillipa Li beat Greg Harrison and  Suzanne Domingo 13/21 21/16 21/16. Juan Corrin and Alex Bell beat Matthew Wilkinson and Kayleigh Callow 17/21 23/21 22/20 and Ian Hemensley and Jess Li beat Neil Harding and  Nicola Wilkinson 21/19 17/21 21/18. RC

League 3



Microgaming Marown B 10 Fencibles B 10


Sulby Glen Sulby 7 Doehle Corporate Selborne B 10


League 4



Fencibles C 12 Doehle Corporate Selborne C 8


Speedy Parking Peel A 14 Citywing Vikings C 5




League 5


Kella Farms Sulby 16 Microgaming Marown C 1


Hotchkiss Associates Michael B 10 CuPlas Callow St Ninians C 9




Michael B team played their socks off to win against  a very good St Ninians.

Kicking off the night was Michael's Richard Done and Lewis Cassidy comfortably winning first mens  21/14 21/9 then Cassidy went straight into first mixed with partner Jess Corlett winning the first game 21/16 then losing the second and third 15/21 16/21 against Jack Ralph-Holloway and Karen Wade. Next up was team captain Alan Brew and Edilmar Espinosa who won second men's in two straight games 21/8 21/10. Second womens went in favour of St Ninians Karen Wade and Pat Crease beating Ali Collister and Lindsay Hotchkiss 21/15 21/16.  Michael's Jo Moore and Jess corlett were also beaten at first womens. They won the first game 21/19 but lost the second and third games 14/21 17/21 against Laura Cowley and Sophie Wade..  After the level doubles and one mixed match completed it was a tense six all!  Fourth mixed was a tight battle with St Ninians Daniel Richardson and Pat Crease winning two very close games 25/23 21/19 against Brew and Hotchkiss. Espinosa and Collister for Michael dominated third mixed winning 21/9 21/6 making the last game of the night second mixed very finger biting! But the experience of Done and Moore paid off.  They won the first game 21/14 lost the second 16/21 but won the third 21/16 against Michael Corlett and Laura Cowley. Tough night but great games, cheers to all involved.  The last game of the season on 23rd March and it's all to play for! AB



Men's Leagues


League 1


Doehle Corporate Selborne A 166 CuPlas Callow St Ninians A 249


League 3


Designer Glass Castletown/Abbey B 197 CuPlas Callow St Ninians B 233


Doehle Corporate Selborne B 189 Citywing Vikings B 229



With Selborne B already league champions, this match was all about  Vikings B battling to avoid relegation.  Tied at the bottom of the league with Castletown/Abbey B, Vikings B knew that they needed a similar result to the Castletown/Abbey B vs St Ninians B match to avoid relegation - so battle commenced.


The atmosphere was electric as Vikings took a narrow lead from the first tie as Neil Brew and Mark Falconer beat Paul Griffiths and Neil McMullen 21/11 16/21.  Selborne narrowed the gap in the next tie when Ben Watterson and Shibu Augustia beat David Buck and Alex Buck 21/13 16/21.  Vikings immediately struck back in the next tie when  Brew and Alex Buck took important points from  Griffiths and  Augustia 21/10 21/15 to give Vikings a lead of 19 points at the half way stage of the match. As the Vikings players concentrated hard and played harder, they were able to secure five of the remaining six games to win by 40 points and pick up three valuable league points.  This was a close match, played in great spirits by both sides throughout - a great match to play in.  As a strong St Ninians B side took a hard-fought win against Castletown/Abbey B, Vikings B completed their escape from relegation. MF




 League 8



idesign Rushen C 159 Falcons B 251



Women's Leagues

League 1

Citywing Vikings A 239 Microgaming Marown A 174


Vikings started off very well with wins for Charlotte Dougherty and Kristina Buck

 21/ 17  21/15 over Janet Sayle and Emma Williams, followed by a win for Emma Nicholson and Georgia Foxton 21/ 9  21/ 14 over Marown's Kath Kermode and Abby Turton.  Vikings Dougherty and Foxton were too strong for Sayle and Turton with a

21/ 13  21/ 7 win.  In the next match both games were close with Nicholson and Buck taking the first 21/19 but Marown's Kermode and Williams fought back well to take the second game 21/ 18.  Vikings took the next two games 21/ 7  21/ 11 courtesy of Buck and Foxton and the last games were halved with Kermode and Sayle taking the first 21/ 11 and Vikings Nicholson and Doughery taking the second game 21/ 20 to give the junior team of Vikings a win.  SN

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