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Archery Round-Up

Wed, 01 Jun 2016

The IoM Archery Club met at Greeba on Sunday to shoot a York/Hereford round as part of the Club’s Scratch League. The weather was perfect; warm, sunny and with a pleasant breeze blowing into the archers’ faces. Numbers were a little low with only ten archers showing up over the course of the day.

The Gents Recurve division provided the only direct competition of the day with Tony Hartley and Danny Cowin facing off in the York round (144 arrows shot in a 6:4:2 ratio at 100, 80 and 60yds). Tony had a bit of an equipment problem over the first couple of dozen arrows which cost him dearly. By the end of the first distance Danny had opened up a 58 point lead which he built on after the break to take the win by 114 points.

Barbara Harris (Recurve) and Joy Gough (Compound) shot a Hereford round which is the Ladies equivalent of the York round and is shot over distances of 80, 60 and 50yds. Harris had far too many misses at the longest distance and although she put in a season’s best score it was still a long way short of her best.

Pete Mumford, the only Gents Compound archer on Sunday, shot a Bristol 1 round which is identical to the Hereford. Pete was shooting with a slightly heavier poundage on his bow for the first time and this was reflected in his score.

Tilly Ashton was the only Junior to turn up for the whole day. She shot a Bristol V round according to her age group and put in a score just a few points below her best.

Matt Elliott and Lesley Sleight could only stay for the morning session but their score mean they can now be given a handicap for future rounds.

Toby Young and Jacob Brookes turned up for the afternoon session to shoot a Junior National round (4 dozen arrows at 40yds and 2 dozen at 30yds). Both boys enjoyed the sunny conditions, with Toby adding 26 points to his pb for the round and Jacob adding 46 to his.

Results – York Gents Recurve – 1. D.Cowin 135/845/27, 2. T.Hartley 133/731/19. Hereford – Ladies Recurve – B.Harris 137/823/27. Ladies Compound – J.Gough 144/1146/81. Bristol 1 Gents Compound – P. Mumford 144/1136/78.  Bristol V Junior Ladies – Tilly Ashton 141/973/54. Long National – Lesley Sleight 58/304/3pb. National – Matt Elliott 62/376/16pb. Junior National u14 Gents – Toby Young 72/558/37pb. u12 Gents – Jacob Brookes 68/470/22pb.

Elsewhere, David and Rhys Moore travelled to England to meet up with Ethan Moore to shoot in the Middlesex County Championships. In spite of very challenging wind conditions the Moores did brilliantly in the World Record Status York shoot, taking the Team Compound Trophy. Rhys Moore also shone on his own account finishing in second place overall.

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