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Tue, 14 Jun 2016

Josh Trafford, Tony Hartley, Danny Cowin and Dave Berry started to shoot a WA1440 round but only Danny and Dave managed to complete it. Josh Trafford, who had been unable to shoot for a month due to exam commitments, ran out of steam half way through the afternoon session and had to give up rather than risk injury. The morning session qualified as a round however, which saw Josh add 59 points to his pb for the Long Metric (3 dozen arrows at each of two distances 90m & 70m). Tony Hartley had a disappointing morning and posted a score for the Long Metric which was well below his usual standard. Danny Cowin shot solidly all day but was unhappy with his score. Dave Berry probably wished he had stayed at home.

Pete Mumford made the most of the excellent conditions to put in a season’s best score for the Metric 1 round. Joy Gough, once again the only female Compound shooter, also posted a season’s best score and after handicapping finished fourth overall the highest placement by any of the adults.

Barbara Harris finally found some form to record her first Bowman equivalent score of the season but finished well down the field after the handicap was applied.

Junior archers Tilly Ashton, James Hill and Jacob Brookes shot rounds appropriate to their ages and gender. Tilly Ashton had a bit of a slow start but finished strongly to post a decent score for the Metric V but had to settle for third place after the handicap was applied. James Hill had a number of misses but still recorded a pb for the Long Metric III round that he shot and secured second place after handicapping. Jacob Brookes, the youngest archer on the day, enjoyed himself hugely to post a terrific score for the Short Metric III. Jacob smashed the existing Club Record by 74 points and took the overall win by a considerable margin.

Results Metric Handicap – 1. J.Brookes 1592 (71/585/19/10)pb, NCR, 2. J.Hill 1462 (62/357/5/1)pb, 3. T.Ashton 1452 (142/1078/14/2), 4. J.Gough 1418 (144 /1240/36/14), 5. P.Mumford 1417 (143/1283/44/17), 6. J.Trafford 1413 (69/451/7/3)pb, 7. D.Cowin 1410 (142/996/15/4), 8. B.Harris 1404 (141/1056/20/9), 9. T.Hartley 1388 (68/415/3/0), 10. D.Berry 1211 (136/836/3).

Elsewhere Rhys Moore met up with brother Ethan to travel across to Surrey for two shoots over the weekend. On Saturday they shot in the Rivernook WA50 and Head to Head. Rhys qualified in fifth place and shot well to get into the Bronze medal match but unfortunately finished fourth. Ethan went out at the 1/16 stage losing by only 1 point.

On Sunday they attended the Surrey Championships shooting a WA1440. The weather in southern England was very poor with plenty of rain during the morning session. In spite of the conditions Ethan shot well to record his second Record Status Bowman score of the season. Rhys did even better recording his second Record Status Master Bowman score of the season. 

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