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IoM Archery Club Report

Thu, 23 Jun 2016

The round of the day was supposed to be a York/Hereford but with rain forecast for noon the session was cut to the morning only with archers shooting either a New National (4 dozen arrows at 100yds & 2 dozen at 80yds) or a Long National (same split of arrows but at 80yds & 60yds). Conditions were wet underfoot and misty. A light drizzle fell for most of the morning but temperatures remained high.

Both Danny Cowin (Recurve) and Dave Moore (Compound) shot the New National round for the first time. Dave had made alterations to his equipment which affected his sight marks but he found his range quickly to break the Club Record previously held by Colin Moore by 26 points.

Joy Gough, Pete Mumford (both Compound) and Barbara Harris and Josh Trafford (both Recurve), shot the Long National round. Joy shot well from the off with only a slight dip in form at the end of the second dozen but recovered quickly to add 8 points to her pb for the round. Pete Mumford likewise did well, though he was annoyed to dip into the 5 zone on a couple of occasions, adding 14 points to his pb for the round.

Josh Trafford, shooting the round for the first time, was disappointed with his form on the 60yds distance but still managed to equal the Club record. Barbara Harris seemed to have left her brain at home on Sunday. She began the day by missing with her first three practice arrows. It was not until she shot the fourth arrow that she realized that she had been aiming at the 100yds target immediately to the left of the boss she was meant to be shooting on. Once on target Harris’ form came and went over the morning. She put in a reasonable 80yds score but had a nightmare at the 60yds missing with five arrows, one of which she snapped in half as it ricocheted off the boss. At £16.50 per arrow this was an expensive mistake. In spite of this comedy of errors Barbara added 115 points to her pb for the round which gave her the last laugh.

Results: New National – Gents Recurve Danny Cowin 69/377/10pb. Gents Compound Dave Moore 72/576/41pb, NCR. Long National – Ladies Compound Joy Gough 72/582/43pb. Gents Compound Pete Mumford 72/590/45pb. Gents Recurve Josh Trafford 72/520/23pb =CR. Ladies Recurve Barbara Harris 64/390/14pb.

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