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Tue, 28 Jun 2016

With rain forecast for most of the day shooting started and hour early and was limited to a Short Metric round which was shot as part of the Club’s Handicap League. The round consisted of three dozen arrows shot at each of two distances – 50m & 30m. Junior archers Toby Young and Tilly Ashton shot distances appropriate to their age and gender.

Josh Trafford and Dave Berry faced off in the Gents Recurve. Josh, a little rusty after putting exam commitments ahead of archery, was hoping to get his eye in before heading to the National Championships at Lilleshall this weekend. He put a solid round which saw him add 13 points to his pb and take the scratch win. After handicapping Josh finished third overall. Dave Berry was too busy coaching niece Tilly Ashton who is also going to Lilleshall, to concentrate properly on his own shooting and this was reflected in his score.

Lesley Sleight, the only Lady Recurver in action on Sunday, was shooting the round for the first time. Lesley, who divides her shooting between Target and Field Archery, had just returned from the Field Archery Championships in Ireland where she had not only recorded a pb but also made it onto the GB Field Archery Squad to shoot in Slovenia in August. Buoyed up by her success Lesley put in an excellent score which after handicapping gave her the overall win by some margin.

Rhys Moore, Pete Mumford and Dave Moore were in action in the Gents Compound with the scratch win going once again to Rhys who added 15 points to his pb and broke the Club Record previously held by Pete Mumford in the process. Pete Mumford put in another solid performance to push Dave Moore down into third. Dave put in a poor performance at the 50m distance but recovered at the 30m, in spite of the rain which had begun to fall, to add 2 points to his pb for the round.

Lone Lady Compounder Joy Gough put in a decent round just a few points short of her pb but was furious with herself for recording a miss at the 30m distance.

Junior Gent Toby Young had a good day adding 29 points to his pb for Short Metric III to break the Club Record by 2 points and finish in fourth place after the handicap was applied. Tilly Ashton shot a Short Metric IV for the first time, putting in a terrific score to break the Club Record previously held by Kirsten George by 36 points. Tilly finished second overall.

Results Short Metric Handicap: 1. L.Sleight 1574 (71/536/11/4)pb, 2. T.Ashton 1513 (72/606/15/4)pb NCR, 3. J.Trafford 1471 (72/599/12/2)pb, 4. T.Young 1447 (72/546/7/5)pb NCR, 5. P.Mumford 1442 (72/660/28/8), 6. R.Moore 1437 (72/678/42/12)pb NCR, 7. J.Gough 1429 (71/627/21/11), 8. D.Moore 1409 (72/634/22/13)pb, 9. D.Berry 1325 (70/460/2/0).

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