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Wed, 06 Jul 2016

Ayre Clay Target Club held competitions in two disciplines at Blue Point on Sunday.


Kevin Oates was the winner of the 50 target Penketh-Millar sponsored English Skeet summer league, scoring a perfect 50/50.  Marty Kneen was one behind on 49 to take second and there was a 5 way tie for third on a score of 45 between Jeff Corkill, Keith Jones, Jack Kneen, Paul Mihailovits and Ben Richards.


Oates went on to win the 100 target league with a total of 97.  Mihailovits was second on 94 with Kneen third on 93.


Jeff Corkill was the winner of the fourth round of the Absolute Scaffolding Olympic Skeet league, scoring 40.  James Bradley and Mark Riley were joint second on 37.


Results of the Penketh-Millar English Skeet League:

A Class: 1, Kevin Oates 50/50; 2, Martin Kneen 49; 3= Jeff Corkill, Jack Kneen and Paul Mihailovits 45.

B Class: 1= Keith Jones and Ben Richards 45; 3, Bob Corlett 44.

C Class: 1, Madeline Simpson 37; 2, Peter Chadney 35.


This week at Blue Point is the fifth round of the Jewson sponsored DTL league.  Entries close at 10.15am.  Practice in English Skeet will be available

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