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Junior showtime looms for Island's young guns

Mon, 21 Nov 2016

One of the keynote events to look forward to next year is the combined Junior Championship.

The brainchild of Tom Lord, it's a twist on the conventional Junior Championships run on the Island,' explained Mike Duncalf. 'In the past we've had separate championships, one is normally run over 15 yards during the winter and another is run during the summer months at 50 metres. Not only does this event combine both disciplines into a single event it's free to enter and there are prizes in the form of ammunition.'

This is a great idea to try and coax some of the juniors who shoot indoors outside to try their hand at the Olympic 50m discipline.

'This event was a success when it was run for the first time in 2015 and again in 2016, Mike went on.

'What I would say though is more often than not there's a whole host of juniors on the Island that have yet to take part which is a shame given the opportunities that have been created to encourage and support raw talent.'

Tom is determined to make it a competition with something for everybody - those who shoot outdoors and  those who predominantly shoot indoors.

'The plan was and we've executed it in the last two years. 30 shots indoors followed by 30 shots outdoors,' he said.

That's outdoors at 50m metres on the Olympic standard Sius electronic targets at St Johns.

'We have an interval where we have a buffet laid on for the youngsters - all free of charge and entry is free of charge as well,' Tom went on.

As far as prizes go there is 1000 rounds of ammunition for the winner, 750 rounds for the second prize, 500 for third and 4th place wins 250 rounds, making an impressive pile.

'Everything is laid on, all they have to do is shoot.'

It's anticipated the competition will be staged on a Sunday in the third week in February.




There were top scores aplenty as Port St Mary got the better of IOMSC Douglas. PSM's Ben Kelly and Ashley Gardner both hit 98s while Mark Osborn did the same for the visitors. Sharon Drysdale returned from a bout of injury to score 96. PSM teams came away with wins in Division 2 and 3 as well.


Port St Mary v IOMSC Douglas


98 Ben Kelly                Mark Osborn 98

98 Ashley Gardner      Paul Perkins 97

97 Callum Grant (J)    Christian Eaton (J) 96

97 Rhys Keown          Sam Jones 96

97 Derek Kermode     Sharon Drysdale 96

487                              483     




Both Trevor Taubman for the hosts and Will Sayle for the visitors notched 99s. In Division 2 Sulby took the points with a the Division 3 match a draw between the two participants.


Castletown v Sulby

99 Trevor Taubman     Will Sayle 99

98 Richard Arthur        Fergus Coulter 97

98 Robin McFee         Peter Webb 97

98 Nigel Christian        Teddy Sayle 96

94 John Paul Bridson  Peter Faragher 94

487                              485




It was close but no cigar for Kirk Michael at St Johns as their losing streak continued despite a great performance from a team shorn of a few regulars. A 98 from Matt Wernham made the youngster his side's top scorer but the Top Gun for Sandsiders went to the ever-cheerful Bill Jones who matched Matt with a 98 and Sandsiders took the points in the Division 2 match as well.


Sandsiders v Kirk Michael


98 Bill Jones                Matt Wernham 98

95 Steve Callus           Suzanne McKnight 96

95 Andy Traynor         Perryn Watson  95

95 Matthew Roosen (J) Alex Trafford (J)  94

94 Terry Green            Tommy Ardis 92

477                              475


For detailed divisional scores, visit



On November 28 Kirk Michael play host to Sulby, IOMSC  Sandsiders take on Castletown at St Johns and Laxey welcome IOMSC Douglas. Port St Mary have a bye week.

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