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Creevy hits second century as Laxey get back on track

Fri, 16 Dec 2016

"Two of them were a bit scratchy," growled Harry Creevy as the Commonwealth Games veteran helped get Laxey back to winning ways against Kirk Michael at Laxey Glen with ten bulls.

Some people are never happy!

The 100 score is his second of the Winter League campaign so far this season.

Gemma Kermode and John Wood both scored 98s and Stephen Curphey chipped in with a very handy 97 to erase last week's defeat at Sulby.

Both teams have been struggling for numbers recently and that came to a head for Kirk Michael as they were only able to field five shooters due to illness, work commitments and late call-offs.

The dramatic home victory over Sulby two weeks ago is already consigned to memory as the club gets on with the bread and butter of winning matches - any matches.

It wasn't all bad - Perryn Watson extended her rich vein of form with 98 and Suzanne McKnight had a 95 joined by Alex Trafford on the same score.


LAXEY                      KIRK MICHAEL

98 John Wood             Suzanne McKnight 95

100 Harry Creevy       Perryn Watson 98

97 Stephen Curphey   Alex Trafford (J) 95

98 Gemma Kermode   Colin Watson 93

94 Andy Jessop           Ian Rogerson 79

487                              459


Laxey won the Division 2 fixture courtesy of Bridget Kneale's 89 as she was the sole competitor.



IOMSC Douglas see off IOMSC Sandsiders


Paul Perkins was top gun for a much-changed IOMSC Douglas team as their consistently-high scoing got the better of IOMSC Sandsiders under the bright lights of the range at St John's.



98 Paul Perkins           Matthew Roosen (J) 98

97 Mark Osborn          Andy Traynor 96

97 Tracey Skelton       Graham Wyatt 94

97 Martin Burns          Tony Kneale 92

96 Sam Jones (J)         Phil Kneen 91

485                              471


Douglas were short on firepower for the division 2 match with only three people: Nick Brown on 96, David Humphrey also on 96 and Christian Eaton, with 94, were outgunned by Steve Callus 91, Terry Green 91, Bill Jones 86 and Norman Ormrod on 83 for a victory by 351 to the 286 of IOMSC Douglas. It was a case of any score is better than no score at all.



Close-fought battle as Port St Mary edge out Castletown


In what could be loosely considered a "local derby", Port St Mary got the better of Castletown by 490 points to 486.

In a powerhouse display by the two teams with the most shooters to call upon,  the two clubs fielded no less than 15 and 13 players respectively throughout divisions 1, 2 and 3 so the home side swept the board in all of them. The other sides in the league will be wondering who is going to put the brakes on the Port his season.



PORT ST MARY                  CASTLETOWN


Division 1

99 Kevan Kneale        Trevor Taubman 99

99 George Dalton-Brown       Nigel Christian 98

98 Ben Kelly               Ian Arthur 97

98 Isaac Heaton (J)     Robin McFee 96

96 Callum Grant         Martin Moore 96

490                              486



Division 2

96 Paul Clague            John Brewis 94

96 Eddie Maddrell      Steve Gardner 94

96 Jackie Gardner       Richard Arthur 94

95 Derek Kermode     Phil Corrin 93

95  Gary Knight          Andy Bell 93

478                              468


Division 3

94 Ean Brewis             Shirley Caley 92

95 Luca Salimardi       Reg Caley 91

94 Ryan Forrest           John Paul Bridson 89

94 Rhys Keown         

93 Juan Clague

470                              272



Isle of Man won round 2 of the Inter-Counties competition with a bye but good shooting, people!

Isle of Man RA Total 1,922

John Wood 99

Mark Cain 99

Ashley Gardner 99

Andy Traynor 99

Nick Brown 98

Harry Creevy 97

Tracy Skelton 97

Nigel Christian 97

Bill Jones 97

David Humphrey 97

Richard Arthur 96

Kevan Kneale 96

Gemma Kermode 95

Michael Duncalf 95

Perryn Watson 95

Eddie Maddrell 95

Robin McFee 95

Fergus Coulter 94

Bill Jones 93

Suzanne McKnight 89


Inter-County Junior League results


Isle of Man RA lost to Berkshire in Round 2 of the Inter-County Junior League with a total of 379.

Sam Jones 96

Alex Trafford 96

Christian Eaton 95

Matthew Roosen 92  

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