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Hot-shot Jackie is the Lady of Mann

Wed, 01 Feb 2017

Young Port St Mary shooter Jackie Gardner emerged victorious in the Lady of Mann handicap competition. Staged at Kirk Michael Rifle Club, the five competitors were: Perryn Watson, Sharon Drysdale, Sue Keown, Shirley Caley and Jackie.

There were some intriguing incidents - Sharon's buttplate came loose/fell apart after the sighters on the first card. Perryn Watson supplied a screwdriver and Derek Kermode fixed the butt plate only to bang his head on the rafter when standing up afterwards. Not the first person to do this (the author included) and almost certainly not the last.

Jackie Gardner won though even when she ran out of ammo on the second card as Perryn graciously gave her some. Jackie later quipped that it had been worth dragging her driver Derek out for.



1st: Jackie Gardner (h'cap 5.2)  Card 1 95 (total 100.2) Card 2 98 (total 103.2) overall total 203.4

2nd: Perryn Watson (h'cap 2.6) Card 1 98 (total 100.6) Card 2 95 (total 97.6) overall total 198.2

3rd: Shirley Caley (h'cap 7.4) Card 1 88 (total 95.4) Card 2 94 (total 100.4) overall total 196.8

4th: Sharon Drysdale (h'cap 2.0) Card 1 93 (total 95.0) Card 2 98 (total 100.0) overall total 195.0

5th:Sue Keown (h'cap 7.8)  Card 1 86 (total 93.8) Card 2 88 (total  95.8) overall total 189.6




Junior showtime for Island's youngsters in NSRA event


You've got to be in it to win it, as they say, and the Isle of Man Rifle Association's Junior Inter-County team beat Oxfordshire by 388 points to 193 in Division 2. Christian Eaton scored a 100 to lead the way. Oxfordshire had two shooters who failed to submit cards and so the result was a foregone conclusion but well done nonetheless.

Scores: Christian Eaton 100, Matthew Roosen 97, Sam Jones  96, Alex Trafford 95.


NSRA Ladies lose in Inter-County league


Isle of Man Rifle Association lost to Devon County by 487 to 477.

Tracey Skelton 99, Gemma Kermode 98, Perryn Watson 96, Suzanne McKnight 96, Sharon Drysdale 88.



Fresh border raid from Kirk Michael


Kirk Michael picked up another victory in the STS Team Prone League with a narrow win over the divisional bogie (the equivalent to a bye on the island).

Scores: Perryn Watson 98, Alex Trafford 95, Suzanne McKnight 95, Colin Watson 92.




IoMSC Douglas beat Laxey

It was a close-run thing at St John's but IoMSC Douglas edged out visitors Laxey thanks to very consistent scores from the home side - four 98s in total.


IoMSC Douglas                     Laxey

98 David Humphrey               John Wood 98

98 Michael Duncalf                Gemma Kermode 98

98 Christian Eaton                  Harry Creevy 97

98 Sharon Drysdale                Andy Jessop 96

94 Sam Jones                          Stephen Curphey 94

487                                          483

Plus there was a win in Division 2 for the home side.


Sulby see off  Kirk Michael


A howling gale and trees down didn't stop Kirk Michael travelling to Sulby but the battle against the elements was the only thing the visitors won as Mark Cain led the way to victory with a 98. For the visitors, Tom Lord, showing no ill-effects from his last outing after his seven-month lay-off, scored 94 again while Kevin Quinn was their top  gun with 96. Perryn Watson will have been irritated by her 94, well below her average this season and Suzanne McKnight's ongoing injury problems meant she could only manage an 89.


Sulby                          Kirk Michael

98 Mark Cain              Kevin Quinn 96

97 Fergus Coulter       Alex Trafford (J) 95

97 Julian H Teare        Perryn Watson 94

96 Andy Mitchell        Tom Lord 94

95  W Quayle              David Lord 91

483                              479


Sulby won all three divisional matches on the night.


Castletown close the gates on IoMSC Sandsiders


Richard Arthur was top scorer for Castletown and Bill Jones must have been aggrieved his 99 counted for nought in the end.


Castletown                             IoMSC Sandsiders

98 Richard Arthur                   Will Jones 99

97 Trevor Taubman                 Andy Traynor 96

96 Ian Arthur                          Steve Callus 94

95 Nigel Christian                   Matthew Roosen 94

94 Lauren  Cooper                  Norman Ormerod 93

481                                          476


There were wins for Castletown in all three divisions.

As ever, full results from all the matches in all the divisions can be found at:


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