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Port St Mary power past IoMSC Sandsiders

Wed, 08 Feb 2017

Port simply brushed IoMSC Sandsiders aside with an impressive display and three  near-perfect 99s.

The result keeps their championship drive going at full tilt. Young Matthew Roosen scored a defiant 99 too for the visitors but he could not stop them sliding to a big margin of defeat as Derek Kermode, Paul Clague and Eddie Maddrell turned the screw.

Port in fact have another match to come with the rearranged match against Laxey coming up soon.


Port St Mary                          IoMSC Sandsiders


99 Derek Kermode                 Matthew Roosen 99

99 Paul Clague                        Steve Callus 94

99 Eddie Maddrell                  Andy Traynor 93

98 Ben Kelly                           Tony Kneale    92

97 George Dalton Brown (J)  Bill Jones 91

492                                          469


There were big wins in Divisions 2 and 3 for Port St Mary too.


IoMSC Douglas see off Castletown


An incredibly consistent performance from Douglas, with five 98s in Division 1, saw them edge out the visitors by just two points. Nick Brown was one of the homesters who enjoyed a fine bout of form and showed the youngsters a thing or two.

Richard Arthur top scored for his side but it was not enough to take the points.


IoMSC Douglas                     Castletown


98 Mark Osborn                      Richard Arthur 98

98 Nick Brown                       Robin McFee 97

98 David Humphrey               Steve Gardiner 97

98 Tracey Skelton                   Nigel Christian 95

98 Sam Jones                          Andy Bell 95


490                                          482


Castletown had an easier ride in the other matches, though, as they won divisions 2 and 3 pretty convincingly with their larger numbers.



Laxey lose out to solid Sulby


Over at Laxey Glen, Sulby came to visit and they walked off with the points - but only just. In yet another close Division 1 fixture this season, a mere two points separated the sides. There were a couple of good 97s, from Andrew Jessop and Steven Curphey for Laxey but Sulby more than matched that with Andy Mitchell their top scorer on 98.



Laxey                                      Sulby


97 Andrew Jessop                   Andy Mitchell 98

97 Steven Curphey                 Mark Cain       97

96 Gemma Kermode               Will Quayle 97

96 John Wood                         Julian Teare 96

96 Harry Creevy                     Teddy Sayle 96

482                                     484




Memorial Trophies success for Keown and Burns


The results from the JB Ritchie & G Jones Memorial Trophies saw Sue Keown win the first round of the Ritchie for the category with averages of 95 and under with 183 ahead of John Paul Bridson with 171.


In the G Jones event for shooters with averages of 96.5 and under, Martin Burns took round one with scores of 99 and 98 for a total of 197.


Christian Eaton 195

Barry Jones 193

Nick Brown 193

Martin Moore 191

Rhys Keown 190

Sam Jones 190

Suzanne McKnight 188

Paul Perkins 185


The latest instalment of the  Monthly Handicaps on the Sinclair 50m electronic range at St John's saw Sue Keown take the honours.


                        H'cap               Adjusted score


Sue Keown     100.0               674.8

Tracey Skelton 46.2                663.7

Steve Callus    61.3                 654.4

Rhys Keown  69.0                  652.9

Sharon Drysdale 53.1             651.6

Martin Moore  60.0                 650.7

Bill Jones         52.5                 641.2

Alex Trafford 50.5                  636.5

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