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Kelly hammers home a hundred for Port St Mary

Wed, 15 Mar 2017

Ben Kelly
Ben Kelly

Ben Kelly scored 100 - his second of the winter indoor league - as Port St Mary pulled clear of IoMSC Douglas. A strong performance from the home side, including a 99 from Callum Grant, was too much for the visitors to match even though Mark Osborn, Nick Brown and James Spencer all carded 98s.


Port St Mary              IoMSC Douglas


100 Ben Kelly             Mark Osborn 98

99 Callum Grant         Nick Brown 98

98 George Dalton Brown James Spencer 98

98 Rhys Keown          Sharon Drysdale 97

98 Jackie Gardner       Christian Eaton 97


493                              488


There were also in Divisions 2 and 3 for Port.



Castletown slip up at home to Sulby


Three 99s - from Will Quayle, Barry Jones and Julian Teare - set Sulby up for a successful raid in Castletown. Nigel Christian was the home side's top scorer with a 99 of his own.


Castletown                 Sulby


99 Nigel Christian       Will Quayle 99

97 John Brewis           Barry Jones 99

97 Richard Arthur       Julian Teare 99

97 Ian Arthur              Mark Cain 98

96 Robin McFee         Peter Faragher 97

486                              492

Sulby won the Division 2 match but Castletown took the Division 3 fixture.


Young guns make honours even at St John's


Kirk Michael came away from the Sinclair Range with a draw against the hosts, IoMSC Sandsiders.
The influence of Tom Lord was palpable as there were a few new names shooting for KM,  four juniors that he has been mentoring: Noah Mayne,  Alicia Gale, Beth Gale, Orry Quay and all acquitted themselves well in their first league match. For the first time all season, KM actually managed to get scores on the doors in all three divisions and wins in Divisions 2 and 3.


IoMSC Sandsiders    Kirk Michael

97 Barry Jones            Perryn Watson 97
97 Andy Traynor         Tom Lord 95
96 Steve Callus           Kevin Quinn 95
94 Matthew Roosen   Alicia Gale 95
93 Norman Ormrod    Les Crowe 95
477                              477


NSRA news

Isle of Man RA went down to Gloucestershire by 1940 to 1921 in Round 6 of the NSRA Inter-Counties League, Division 6.


Scores: Harry Creevy 100,  Gemma Kermode 99, Ashley Gardner 99, Eddie Maddrell 98, Suzanne McKnight 98, Richard Arthur 97, Nigel Christian 97, Will Jones 97, Tracey Skelton 96, Nick Brown 96, Andy Traynor 96, David Humphrey 96, Michael Duncalf 95, John Wood 95, Perryn Watson 95 Mark Cain 94, Barry Jones 94, Fergus Coulter 94, Kevan Kneale 93, Robbie McFee 92.


They fared better in Round 7 as they had a bye. Richard Arthur was top shot with 100.


Isle of Man RA 1,922 Bye 0

Richard Arthur 100, Michael Duncalf 99, Eddie Maddrell 99 Mark Cain 99,  Gemma Kermode 98 John Wood 98, Kevan Kneale 98, David Humphrey 98, Harry Creevy 97, Ashley Gardner 97,  Nigel Christian 96, Perryn Watson 95, Barry Jones 95,  Tracey Skelton 94, Suzanne McKnight 94, Fergus Coulter 94, Nick Brown 93, Andy Traynor 93, Robbie McFee 93, Will Jones 92.


In the Junior Inter County League, there was better news as Isle of Man RA, with 383, beat Lothian  who scored 374

Scores: Christian Eaton 98, Alex Trafford 97, Sam Jones 94, Matthew Roosen 94.


ND Hamilton Meikle Trophy


Douglas  beat Sulby "1" to take the honours.

Final Douglas: Mark Osborn 95, Sharon Drysdale 99, Christian Eaton 93 Paul Perkins 93: 380

beat Sulby 1: Will Quayle 93, Orry Teare 95, Stuart Harvey 88, Andy Mitchell 93: 369


For the full results, go to


JB Ritchie & G Jones

Scores for the February round:

Sue Keown is the lead after latest instalment of the JB Ritchie as her 91 and 96 gave her an aggregate of 370 ahead of  John Paul Bridson whose 93 and 94 gave him 358.

In the G Jones, Martin Burns is at the top of the rankings after his 98 and 95 took him on to an aggregate of  390. Close behind was Christian Eaton where a 98 and 96 gave him 389.


Scottish success for Kirk Michael

Kirk Michael notched their fifth win in the STS Team Prone league, edging out Watsonians D by two points. A 99 from Suzanne McKnight led the way. Scores: Suzanne McKnight  99, Alex Trafford, 96, Perryn Watson 95, Colin Watson 92.

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