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Port St Mary edge out Douglas with Winter League win

Fri, 26 Jan 2018

Ashley Gardner
Ashley Gardner

Ben Kelly and Ashley Gardner were the top scorers in this latest victory.

Port St Mary have put in a number of notable performances in the Winter Indoor League so far this season and Douglas were the victims this time around.

Their strength in depth - 16 shooters in total - meant PSM won all three divisional matches with one uncontested.

Derek Kermode matched his daughter Gemma's 97 for Laxey, meanwhile, so those bragging rights will have to keep for another week!

Sharon Drysdale was top gun for the visitors with a near-perfect 99 in the Division One match with Matthew Roosen, released from his stint preparing for computer duties at the Easter Shoot, chipped in with a tidy 98.


Port St Mary              IOMSC Douglas

Division One

99 Ben Kelly               Sharon Drysdale 99

99 Ashley Gardner      Matthew Roosen 98

98 Paul Clague            Christian Eaton 97

98 Callum Grant         Mark Osborn 95

97 Rhys Keown          Nick Brown 95

491                              484


Division Two

97 George Dalton-Brown       David Humphrey 94

97 Derek Kermode                 Sam Jones 94

96 Greg Beard                                    Paul Perkins 91

95 Ryan Forrest                       Matthew Humphrey 90

96 Kevan Kneale                    Keith Lowney 83

481                                          452


Division Three

95 Eddie Maddrell

94 Juan Clague

91 Gary Knight

91 Sue Keown

90 Ean Brewis


Additional shooters

89 Peter Lewis


Kirk Michael get the drop on Laxey


Kirk Michael notched a surprising win over Laxey with this victory,  their third of the league campaign. Both teams were depleted, with Laxey missing John Wood while Beth and Alisha Gale were unavailable for the home side. Perryn Watson maintained her recent run of good form with a 98 while Commonwealth Games-bound Gemma Kermode was Laxey's top scorer with 97.

Kirk Michael put in some solid scores with Alex Trafford and Suzanne McKnight on 97 while Kevin Quinn continued his recovery from illness with a solid 95. Andrew Jessop notched a 96 and Bridget Kneale will have been pleased with her useful 91 in the final detail of the night.


Kirk Michael                         Laxey


Division One

98 Perryn Watson        Gemma Kermode 97

97 Suzanne McKnight Harry Creevy 96

97 Alex Trafford         Andrew Jessop 96

95 Kevin Quinn          Gary Kneale 92

94 Noah Mayne          Stephen Curphey 91

481                              472


Division Two

93 Colin Watson         Bridget Kneale 91

93                                91



Castletown put Sandsiders to the sword


Andy Traynor was the top scorer for Sandsiders with a 99 but it was all a bit "Rorke's Drift" for the home side as Castletown rocked up at the Sinclair Range with 15 shooters and took the points by a big margin.

Nigel Christian hit a 98 to lead the way for the visitors.


IOMSC Sandsiders   Castletown


Division One

99 Andy Traynor         Nigel Christian 98

94 Anthony Kneale     Mark Shimmin 97

94 Steve Callus           Richard Arthur 96

93 Greg Wyatt                        John Paul Bridson 96

89 Norman Ormrod    John Brewis 96

469                              483


Division Two

                                    Ian Arthur 96

                                    Robin McFee 94

                                    Henry Qualtrough 93

                                    Steve Gardner 92

            `                       Andy Bell 92



Division Three

                                    Lawrie Cooper  91

                                    Shirley Caley 91

                                    Reg Caley 91

                                    Rhian Masson 86

                                    Neil Masson 83




More joy for Castletown as they were the winners of the recent Knock-Out Cup held at Port St Mary's range. Just three teams took part, though, which made it a somewhat disappointing spectacle.


Team Castletown

John Brewis 97

John Paul Bridson 96

Nigel Christian 98

Robin McFee 97


IOMSC Team Douglas

Matthew Roosen 93

Nick Brown 93

Paul Perkins 88

Sharon Drysdale 96


Team Port St Mary 

Sue Keown 92

Rhys Keown 93

Gary Knight 96

Ashley Gardener 98




The Isle of Man's Junior County Team lost out to Sussex Country SBRA 'A' by just two points (383 to 381) in Division one, round three. IOM scores were: Christian Eaton 98; Sam Jones 96; Callum Grant 94; George Dalton-Brown 93. 

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