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Castletown triumph in ND Hamilton Meikle event

Thu, 08 Mar 2018

Robin McFee, Lauren Cooper, John Paul Bridson (holding up his card) and John Brewis
Robin McFee, Lauren Cooper, John Paul Bridson (holding up his card) and John Brewis

The team of Robin McFee, Lauren Cooper, John Paul Bridson and John Brewis of Castletown Rifle Club who won the ND Hamilton Meikle team event held on a chilly Tuesday night at  St Johns. Robin McFee scored 98, John Paul Bridson 97, Lauren Cooper 97 and John Brewis 95. The total of 387 put them ahead of Douglas with 377 and Kirk Michael  with 371.



Nigel Christian's big break wins it for Castletown

Castletown edged out Kirk Michael by a single point and brought the visitors' recent run of victories to a halt.

The ultimate result, on a nail-biting evening, was due in no small part to the Kirk Michael team who flagged up a scoring error. This was corrected and gave Castletown's Nigel Christian an extra point which turned the result - a tremendous display of sportsmanship, but typical of competitors on the island. Castletown won the matches in divisions two and three far more easily, however.

Nigel Christian's 97 was his team's top scorer while teenager Noah Mayne and Perryn Watson also notched 97s for Kirk Michael.


Castletown                 Kirk Michael

Division One

97 Nigel Christian       Noah Mayne 97

96 Richard Arthur       Perryn Watson 97

96 John Paul Bridson  Alex Trafford 96

96 Mark Shimmin       Suzanne McKnight 94

94 Ian Arthur              Kevin Quinn 94

479                              478


Division Two

94 John Brewis           Colin Watson 87

94 Lauren Cooper       Illiam Christian 85

94 Steve Gardner       

93 Andy Bell

93 Robin McFee

468                              172


Division Three

91 Henry Qualtrough

90 Shirley Caley

89 Rhian Masson

85 Duncan Watterson

76 Reg Caley




Laxey make their points against Douglas

Two of the island's top female rifle shooters were to the fore as Laxey bagged the points at St Johns.

This proved to be a night for close-run things in the Winter Indoor League and Sharon Drysdale, for Team Douglas, and Gemma Kermode, for Laxey, scored excellent 99s to pave the way for a win by a single point.

Gemma is bound for the Commonwealth Games in Australia shortly and Isle of Man team manager Harry Creevy was not to be outdone as he too hit a 99. Two 98s from Gary Kneale and John Wood contributed to a strong performance from Laxey. Team Douglas were pretty consistent too, with 97s from David Humphrey, Christian Eaton and Matthew Roosen.

Strength in numbers meant Team Douglas won the Division Two match with ease thanks to 96s from Nick Brown and Matthew Burns although neither Andrew Jessop nor Bridget Kneale were disgraced for Laxey.


IOMSC Team Douglas         Laxey

99 Sharon Drysdale                Gemma Kermode 99

97 David Humphrey               Harry Creevy 99

97 Christian Eaton                  Gary Kneale 98

97 Matthew Roosen                John Wood 98

96 Sam Jones                          Stephen Curphey 94

486                                          487


Division Two

96 Nick Brown                       Andrew Jessop 93

96 Matthew Burns                  Bridget Kneale 91

95 Keith Lowney

89 Matthew Humphrey

376                                          184


Mission Possible for Kevan as Port put paid to Sulby

Kevan Kneale was the star for Port as his 100, a so-called 'possible',.helped them beat Sulby. Ben Kelly notched a 99 with Ashley Gardner just a point back. For Sulby, Will Quayle continued his good run with a 99 while Teddy Sayle had a 98.


Sulby                                      Port St Mary

99 Will Quayle                        Kevan Kneale 100

98 Teddy Sayle                       Ben Kelly 99

97 Julian H Teare                    Ashley Gardner 98

96 Mark Boyde                       Callum Grant 97

96 Peter Webb                         Greg Beard 97

486                                          491


Division Two

95 Mark Cain                          Rhys Keown 97

93 Peter Faragher                    Gary Knight 96

93 Stuart Harvey                     Ethan Kiernan 96

92 Barry Jones                        Eddie Maddrell 96

92 Orry Teare                          Ryan Forrest 94

464                                          479


Division Three

90 Andy Mitchell                    George Dalton-Brown 94

80 Rod Forshaw                     Peter Clague 94

80 Jim W Teare                       Jackie Gardner 93

250                                          Sue Keown 93

                                                Juan Clague 93


                                                 Additional shooter

                                                L Newsom 91

News from NSRA events

Sharon Drysdale scored a perfect 100 in Division Four of the NSRA's Women's Inter-County League but Isle of Man RA lost out by just two points to Surrey County.

scores: Sharon Drysdale 100; Gemma Kermode 99;  Lauren Cooper 96;  Perryn Watson 95; Jackie Gardner 94

Meanwhile, the Isle of Man Junior team bagged a narrow win over Hampshire by, you guessed it, a single point, 384 to 383. Scores:  Sam Jones 98; George Dalton-Brown 97; Christian Eaton 96; Callum Grant 93

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