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Isle of Man Cycle Challenge Sportive

Thu, 06 Sep 2018



Speeds of 80mph predicted, no engines allowed!

For the first time ever velomobiles will be taking part in the Isle of Man Cycle Challenge (CC), the annual cycle sportive held on the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course.

Velomobiles are human powered vehicles, typically a recumbent trike or quad, which are enclosed in an aerodynamic body or fairing. The Isle of Man CC is a British Cycling event that was established in 2012 and will be held this year on Saturday 22 September 2018. Participants can ride one, two or three laps of the 37.7 mile course, starting and finishing from the TT Grandstand.

Ian Perry, a member of the British Human Powered Vehicle Club, is one of the velomobile riders or ‘velonauts’ who has signed up for the challenge. He says “It’s a must do event. Although the ride profile is very challenging it’s the chance to experience the history of this iconic circuit, the grandstand, the memorials to TT riders, famous pubs and to be pampered at the finish. I do have reservations though – my velomobile weighs 25kg and is designed for going fast on flat lands, not up mountains. I will be very slow up, and very fast down! If bravery and weather allows, or my brakes fade, speeds of 80mph plus may be hit.”

The event organiser Laura Mearns says “We're delighted to welcome the velomobile riders, especially Armin Ziegler who will be coming all the way from Switzerland. As the sportive is a non-competitive event we enjoy welcoming everyone who wants to experience the TT circuit on wheels and without an engine – whether that’s tandems, folding bikes, hand cycles or electric bicycles –we’ve seen them all, apart from a unicyclist. The velomobiles are crazy looking things and it will be a proper challenge for them – we can’t wait!”

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The Isle of Man Cycling Challenge (CC) is organised and run by Greenrock Ltd, an independent company which specialises in challenge events and adventure tours.

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