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Carl Ashwin

Carl Ashwin

Carl took his first step inside a radio studio at the age of 15 having chosen his local Hospital Radio station for work experience whilst still at School.

From there he started hanging around the local BBC studio and eventually they relented and opened the door. Cutting the Shipping Forecast from the entire South of England in his first minute of being at the controls of a BBC Studio Desk was one of his stand out moments. The producer (of some 20 years experience) “errupted like Mount Vesuvius”. Carl went on to provide character voices for a comedy show pilot and learned the finer points of editing the old way, with reel to reel. He does of course also know where the Kettle can be found and has learned to operate it with devastating precision.

Carl is a keen musician and picked up the Piano at the age of 6 (not literally of course). By the age of 10 he was also familiarising himself with the Pipe Organ as well.

Carl joined upcoming Community Radio station AIR 107.2 in October 2012 and helped launch the station in addition to taking on a mix of duties both on and off air.

In June 2014 Carl joined the gang at Energy FM.

Carl is the classic radio geek and in his spare time can be found listening to Jingles (he has an unhealthy fascination with them) and producing imaging and promos. Carl also works actively to mentor and teach others some of the skills that he has acquired over the years and likes to encourage and support those wishing to find a route into the industry.

“Radio is magic to me. The environment, the medium, it speaks directly to the listener whilst informing and entertaining them. It really doesn't get any better than that”.