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Legal dispute over Cork air crash

Fri, 18 Feb 2011

The scene at Cork last Thursday (courtesy of Sky News)
The scene at Cork last Thursday (courtesy of Sky News)

A legal dispute has begun between Manx2 and lawyers acting for one of the survivors of the Cork plane crash.

Mark Dickens from Watford was injured in the tragedy which claimed the lives of six people.

His solicitors approached lawyers acting for Manx2 to ask for details about insurance and an advance payment of £15,000.

However, the airline said it has no liability.

In a statement, Manx2 Chairman Noel Hayes says the airline chartered the aircraft from Flightline BCN based in Spain.

Mr Hayes says carriers like this maintain full insurance at or above Civil Aviation Authority minimum levels.

He adds this is common in the aviation industry.

Lawyers for Mr Dickens are reported to have accused Manx2 of shirking its responsibilities.


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