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Group calls for independant inquiry into stabbing case

Thu, 16 Jun 2011

A pressure group believes an independant inquiry should be held to look into a botched police investigation.

The Chief Constable is in charge of a probe into the actions of officers investigating an alleged stabbing.

The case was thrown out of court due to what a Deemster described as 'multiple serious failures' by police.

Investigating officers were found not to have looked at some CCTV evidence.

In Tynwald last month, it was announced that the case will be examined to identify areas where lessons could be learned or to hold individual officers to account.

However, the Celtic League doesn't think the Chief Constable should be leading this and that a body similar to the UK's Independant Police Complaints Commission should do it.

The group believes that the inquiry should check to see if possible shortcomings in the higher ranks of police allowed this situation to happen.


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