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Backlash after newspaper announces job losses

Tue, 22 Nov 2011

News that Isle of Man Newspapers plans to lay off seven staff and move its printing operation to the UK has angered a number of people.

It was announced yesterday that seven full-time jobs would go as it's proposed parent company Johnston Press will print the papers in Sheffield.

The news has generated a lot of feedback on the company's website, social networking sites and internet forums.

On Facebook, several people are threatening not to buy newspapers anymore as they're unhappy that locals jobs will go.

One user says it's a PR disaster for the company, others say it's disgusting and disgraceful.

In the comments section of the papers' own web pages, the proposal is being described as hypocritical.

Other people are more balanced in their views, recognising that it is a commercial decision designed to cut costs.

The editor of Isle of Man Newspapers told Energy FM News he isn't willing to be interviewed about the matter at this time.



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