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Increased health budget to improve neo-natal unit

Wed, 22 Feb 2012

Noble's Hospital was designed 15 years ago
Noble's Hospital was designed 15 years ago

An increase to the Department of Health's annual budget means the neo-natal unit at Noble's Hospital will be brought up to date.

The current facilities were designed 15 years ago, and there have since been significant developments in neo-natal care.

Health Minister David Anderson says the £100,000 extension to the unit would reduce the need to send patients to the UK.

An extra £3.6m for the Department means there will also be a new renal unit at Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital, and the introduction of Chlamydia screening on the Island.

Despite the extra funds, Mr Anderson says big savings will still need to be found.

He says the new neo-natal facilities would help with savings [play clip]



  • David Anderson MHK

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