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DoI and Commissioners clash over McLeod's Field plans

Sat, 21 Apr 2012

A row has broken out between the Department of Infrastructure and Peel Commissioners over plans for a housing development in the town.

The local authority isn't happy with the proposals for a development at McLeod's Field on Ramsey Road.

Amongst their concerns are the construction of a road in the estate and the sewerage connection.

The Commissioners say they've asked the DOI for a meeting to discuss their worries but that this has been refused.

The Department says it's surprised and dismayed by the Commissioners' comments.

The DOI believes it's inappropriate for the Commissioners to make a statement whilst a review into the plans is ongoing.

Infrastructure Minister David Cretney says it's disappointing that the board is pre-empting the outcome of the Government review, but would like to hear from the Commissioners if they feel there are irregularities.


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