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Chip shop fire caused by hot fat igniting

Sat, 02 Jun 2012

The Terrace Chippy on Prospect Terrace
The Terrace Chippy on Prospect Terrace

Fire-fighters say they’ve now determined the cause of a blaze at a Douglas chip shop.

Crews were called out to the Terrace Chippy on Prospect Terrace just after 11 o’clock yesterday morning.

When they arrived at the scene fire-fighters were confronted with a well-developed blaze and a large amount of smoke coming from the front of the shop.

Even though they knew the chippy had been evacuated, there was concern people could still have been inside the flats above.

Rescuers forced entry to the upstairs rooms and carried out a search.

It was later determined that everyone was accounted for.

The main fire was dealt with quickly but small pockets of flame in the ventilation system proved more difficult for crews who were able to tackle these through vents on the roof top.

It’s believed hot fat igniting underneath the frying range is to blame.

Fire damage was confined to the cooking area but the shop and diner were smoke damaged.


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