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Director denies bus driver lunch break dismissal claims

Thu, 09 Aug 2012

The Island’s Director of Public Transport denies claims that bus drivers have been threatened with the sack over potential changes to their terms and conditions.

Last month the Department of Community, Culture and Leisure revealed it needs to make savings of around £300,000.

It was suggested that this can be achieved by stopping paid lunch breaks – something that would equate to around a 12 per cent pay cut for each employee.

Yesterday it was alleged that bus drivers have received letters claiming they will be sacked if they don’t agree to new terms.

Director Ian Longworth confirms staff have been sent letters but denies they have been threatened with dismissal.

He says they have just been advised of the seriousness of the budget situation.

Mr Longworth adds that discussions between staff, the department and unions are ongoing and says as a result he doesn’t feel it's appropriate to make a full public comment at this time.


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