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UK Cabinet reshuffle could have implications for the Island

Wed, 05 Sep 2012


One of the biggest causalities of yesterday’s cabinet re-shuffle in the UK was the removal of Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke.


This could have implications for the Isle of Man, with the Conservative MP always seen as a friend to our government.

As Justice Secretary he was responsible for the UK Government’s relationship with the Isle of Man and other Crown Dependencies.

It was seen as a highly positive move as he was a regular holiday maker to the Island and had a good understanding of our systems of government.


His appointment to the post came at a time when the Isle of Man was keen to re-establish firm links with the UK, after a period of fractured relations brought about by the ending of the VAT revenue sharing agreement, and the subsequent major hole it left in finances.

He’ll be replaced in the role by Chris Grayling. 

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