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MHK says tuition fees issue has been rushed

Fri, 07 Dec 2012

Rushen MHK Laurence Skelly
Rushen MHK Laurence Skelly

MHKs have been expressing their concerns over the controversial plans to introduce tuition fees for Island students.

There is just a few days left until a vote will be taken on the matter in Tynwald.

Rushen MHK Laurence Skelly believes more work should have have been done in the run-up to this.

He says that a pre-vote consultation and a proper Tynwald debate both should have taken place.

It's a contentious issue that's seen uproar among sixth form students and their parents alike, as they’re faced with a minimum yearly bill of £2,500.

Mr Skelly feels it’s a major decision that has ultimately been rushed:



  • Laurence Skelly

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