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Email Warning: MT & IOM Bank Scam

Fri, 30 May 2014

Emails claiming to be from Manx Telecom and the Isle of Man Bank could be a scam.

The emails ask people to log in and verify their account. (As show below)

The Island's Data Protection Supervisior has issued a warning for people to be cautious and Manx Telecom Engineers have blocked access to the website which the emails link to.

Ian MacDonald from Data Protection told Energy FM,

"These emails are more sophisticated than usual and include a link (removed from the above example) which at first sight seem to take the user to a legitimate web page.  However it is spoofed web page and a closer examination shows that the URL address is not that of either Manxnet or Isle of Man Bank.  

If you use a different broadband service and have received such an email do not attempt to access the web site but instead simply delete the email.
If you have responded to the email then you should change your account password immediately."


The emails contain text similar to the example below:


Manx Telecom
We detected irregular action on your e-mail system.
As the Primary owner, you must verify your account activity before you
can continue using your account, and upon verification, we will remove any
restrictions placed on your account.
click on the link below:
***link removed***
Thank You,
Manx Telecom

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