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Man steals chequebook and forges cheque

Mon, 28 Jul 2014

Stealing a cheque book and cashing in a forged cheque has left a man from Ramsey ending up in court.

26-year-old Damien Nuttall last week pleaded guilty to two charges of theft and intending to defraud someone.

The court heard how he took a chequebook from the communal post area in his block of flats in April - which belonged to a former tenant.

He then forged a cheque for £400 - however, he was caught when the victim's account went overdrawn and he alerted the bank who in turn contacted police.

Describing the crime as a silly and foolish error of judgement, his advocate admitted it was "not the most sophisticated of operations".

Sentencing for the case was adjourned for reports to be prepared - he will next appear in court on Thursday, September 4th. 

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