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Heroin addict jailed for stealing from bar till

Thu, 04 Dec 2014

A heroin addict has been sent to prison after stealing £140 from a till in the Palace Hotel and Casino.

29-year-old Adam Cowin was handed a four month custodial sentence at Douglas Courthouse earlier this week.

He'd previously admitted one charge of burglary from October 18th after going into the Whispers Bar, opening the till and stealing the money.

He told police he'd taken it to buy heroin - his advocate called it an "opportunistic theft" and said he was determined to break the cycle of his continual reoffending.

Sentencing him Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes said she accepted the sentiments in a letter submitted to the court by Cowin were "genuine" and gave him credit for his early guilty plea.

However she said most offences stemmed from his heroin addiction and the fact remained he had had a number of opportunities to change in the past but had continued to reoffend.

Objecting to her decision Cowin became verbally abusive leaving the dock telling the court the sentence was "bang out of order".

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