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Promenade TT food outlet ban angers public

Thu, 26 Feb 2015

News that food outlets have once again been scrapped from the promenade during TT has been met with fierce outcry from the public.

The Department of Economic Development has this week confirmed it will not be renting pitches to catering outlets on the Loch Promenade walkway.

The news has angered our listeners who've taken to Facebook to voice their disapproval - some accusing government of coming up with its "stupidest idea yet".

Colin says whilst it makes sense to support local traders they can't cope with the volume of people and Jean says the eateries add to the atmosphere.

Fiona says she would prefer to have a choice and Sharon says by not providing food and drink people will be pushed away from the prom.

However Claire says as a Douglas ratepayer she doesn't see why she should pick up the tab for the deficit for cleaning and says the idea should be given a chance before being criticised. 

Economic Development Minister Laurence Skelly outlined why the decision has been taken: 


  • Laurence Skelly MHK

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