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Murder Trial: Accused tells jury he was attacked three times

Tue, 31 Mar 2015

Neil Roberts
Neil Roberts

"It was like a bomb going off in my head" - that's how a Castletown man has described feeling after being attacked by the man it's alleged he went on to murder.

At Douglas Courthouse yesterday 46-year-old Ian Anderson gave his account of the fight on the night Ballabeg gardener Neil Roberts died in 2013.

Anderson claimed the 60-year-old punched him twice in the face before he pushed him away - he then landed on top of him, placing his hands around his neck to try and stop him hitting out.

He claims he was pulled off Mr Roberts by his wife, who had attacked him from behind, and the two went into another room where Anderson said he could overhear Mr Roberts making threats to kill him.

Describing a second attack Anderson said Mr Roberts punched him in the face - he said he then felt as though he'd been hit over the head with something saying the impact "literally lit me up inside".

Coming at him for a third time Anderson said he punched Mr Roberts away catching him in the jaw - he described how he remembered "punching down" into the top of his head to try and stop him.

Claiming he was in fear of his life Anderson told jurors all he could do was try and kick him away saying "he was still coming and I just kept kicking him".

After taking another punch to the face Anderson said he didn't know what happened next - saying he could see Mr Roberts lying face down on the floor and could hear his wife screaming.

Mr Robert's body was found by police at the Anderson's home on Queen Street in the early hours of December 1st.

Ian Anderson denies murder - the trial continues.

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