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Man fined after half naked hunt for takeaway

Wed, 14 Oct 2015

Walking the streets of Peel in nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of socks has cost a Castletown man £375. 

Police found 37-year-old Kenneth O'connell on Derby Drive just before 1am on October 4th - he had no trousers on and was carrying a cup. 
The officer noted he was unsteady on his feet and his speech was slurred - he told him he was "looking for a Chinese". 
At Douglas Courthouse yesterday an "embarrassed" O'connell pleaded guilty to one charge of being drunk and indecent. 
His advocate told the court he'd been at a birthday party the previous evening and despite being on medication had drank "over and above" what he would normally consume.
Sentencing him Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes told him the two substances don't "combine happily" adding "goodness knows what was going through your mind". 
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