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Mixed reaction to new R plate plans

Sat, 24 Oct 2015

Plans to impose more restrictions on new drivers to try and stop serious crashes are being met with mixed opinion. 

It follows a number of tragedies involving novice motorists over the last 18 months - under the proposals they would have to keep their R-plates on for longer, would be subject to a curfew and could only carry one passenger.

Our listeners have been having their say - Mandy says it's "good news", Marian agrees but says it should be drivers under 25 who are targeted; Georgina says it should be engine size which is limited.

However Kerry calls the plans "crazy" and Stephen questions how they would be enforced - it's a concern South Douglas MHK Bill Malarkey also shares; he says we need more police resource as it is:


  • Bill Malarkey MHK

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