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999 call given to man who couldn't remember being disorderly

Sat, 26 Mar 2016

A Douglas man has been given a copy of the 999 call his partner made to police after he flew into an 'aggressive' drunken rage so he can reflect on what happened. 
Police arrested 47-year-old Michael Devine at his home on Allan Street at 6.30pm on March 8th after receiving an emergency call for help. 
When they arrived at the property they found him shouting and swearing with his fists clenched - he was also stumbling and so unsteady he collided with his own car. 
At Douglas Courthouse earlier this week Devine pleaded guilty to a charge of being drunk and disorderly - he'd told police after he was arrested that he had no recollection of the incident. 
His advocate told the court Devine had gone out drinking after a night shift saying "one drink led to another" and calling it a "most regrettable incident". 
In a letter written to the court Devine said he was "mortified and disgusted" at himself - his partner also described the incident as "totally out of character". 
Sentencing him Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes said it was clear it had been sparked by a combination of being "extremely tired and intoxicated" but said she would treat it as a "one off". 
She fined him £250 and ordered him to pay £125 in court costs - she also imposed a Binding Over Order which requires him to be of good behaviour for a year.
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