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MHK ordered to apologise after being branded a 'bully'

Thu, 05 May 2016

North Douglas MHK John Houghton has been ordered to apologise after a committee ruled there's "significant evidence" to show he's a bully.

He's come under fire from the Standards and Members Interests' Committee which has today published a report centered on his conduct.

He was referred following a staffing matter within the Clerk of Tynwald's Office in 2014 and subsequent 'malicious' complaints he made about the clerk and deputy clerk in 2015. 

It was alleged Mr Houghton had "lied, bullied and engaged in unwarranted interference in a staff matter" - he was also accused of precipitating a staff member's resignation.

The committee ruled there was a pattern of "repeated, intimidating and malicious behaviour" which left the recipients - including MLC Tony Wild - "upset" and "threatened".

Referencing claims that Mr Houghton lied the report states there was a "clear pattern of behaviour" which the committee didn't think was "consistent" with that of an Honourable Member.

According to the 400 plus page report Mr Houghton "strongly refutes the allegations" and presented a "significant challenge" about almost every process followed as the investigation was conducted.

You can find a copy of the report here

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