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Exclusive: Extra jail time for prisoner who 'brandished' knife in revenge attack

Thu, 12 May 2016

The weapon Christopher Mcluskey created
The weapon Christopher Mcluskey created
A serving prisoner has had nine months added to his sentence after creating a makeshift knife and "brandishing" it at a prison officer. 
34-year-old Christopher Mcluskey spent two days creating the weapon by melting a plastic knife and razor blades - he then lunged at the guard whilst he was in his cell on September 9th last year. 
The officer managed to retreat safely and Mcluskey, who's serving a 15-year prison sentence for drug trafficking, was arrested - he told police it was a premeditated attack and was "revenge". 
This, he said, stemmed from being reprimanded during a visiting time for embracing his family adding he'd wanted to stick the knife in the officer's face cutting him from "ear to ear". 
Mcluskey later pleaded guilty to affray - at Douglas Courthouse this week his basis of plea was read to the court in which he revealed he'd "exaggerated and embellished" his account to the police. 
Sentencing him Deemster Mongtomerie said whilst it appeared he was a "very dangerous man who did his best to stab a prison officer" he accepted he'd only been trying to frighten him. 
"You were trying to make yourself appear more dangerous than you actually are," he said adding that he'd "certainly succeeded" in terrifying the officer.
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