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Wreath laid at grave of votes for women campaigner

Wed, 21 Sep 2016

A wreath has been laid at the grave of a Manx woman who played a big part in securing the vote for women.

Sophia Goulden, who's buried in Braddan Cemetery, was the mother of Emmeline Pankhurst - the leader of the British suffrage movement which eventually secured the vote for women in the UK.

While Manx women who owned property were allowed to vote from 1881, Mrs Goulden did not live to see all British women given voting rights, having died in 1910 - 18 years before women were granted the same rights as men.

Ahead of this week's election, Lynn Owens from the Friends of Sophia Goulden society told MTTV they want to see more done to remember her: [play audio]


  • Lynn Owens

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