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Lifeboat called out to help injured fisherman

Mon, 07 Nov 2016

Peel lifeboat
Peel lifeboat

Peel lifeboat crew were called out in the early hours of this morning to help an injured fisherman.

The vessel was on its way from Northern Ireland to Manx waters to fish for scallops when a crewman slipped, injuring his arm.

The 21-year-old's hand went through the wheelhouse window, leaving him with a gashed arm while still two hours from land.

The lifeboat launched at 4.20am, locating the boat 14 miles west of Peel before bringing the injured man to the harbour.

A helicopter was also called out, but the team on the lifeboat were able to bring the crewman back by sea.

The man was met by an ambulance which took him to Noble's for treatment, while the lifeboat crew stood down by 7am.

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