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Archbishop of York gives support to Bishop

Tue, 08 Nov 2016

Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu
Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu

The Archbishop of York is giving his support to the Island's bishop following a recent church tribunal.

Former Arbory and Castletown vicar Dr Jules Gomes was recently found to behaved inappropriately during his time in his post by a Bishop's Disciplinary Tribunal.

However, the former pastor - who was accused of showing little compassion in his role and losing his temper - was critical of Bishop Robert Paterson's disciplinary approach.

Dr John Sentamu says that Dr Gomes's comments are completed unjustified, and are further proof that disciplinary action was needed.

Bishop Paterson, who previously served as chaplain to Dr Sentamu, is retiring later this week after eight years in his current post.

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